Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cuz Sweater Backs Are Boring...

Right, so I do still knit:
Only, well, can we say gray, and dark, and plain stockingette gave me a Bart-Simpson-passes-the-4th Grade moment when I realized I was very much like Odysseus' wife Penelope as I knit, knit, knit through a whole Saturday, only to rip, rip rip, that night before bed... Okay, so she was weaving and also maybe post-poning declaring her husband dead and taking on another husband, or something...but yeah, there used to be more to this maybe a whole sleeve. And if I hadn't kept ripping back, I might have been done with the front by now as well.

What this told me was I needed something new and maybe not so mindless that doesn't care about gauge and increases and counting. Yup, sounds like a scarf to me.

So I went digging in my paltry non-sock yarn stash and found:
But wait...can you sing it with me? One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn't belong....

Did you guess real hard? With all your might? (I heart Grover.)
One of these things was bought back in Truckee, just before I moved out of the Lake Tahoe area. The other I bought when I gathered supplies for the scarf and mitts I made a bit back...

An obvious sign that I should stop starting something new (and green! and simple! and what I wanted!) and soldier on with one of the many many many "already started" projects (more on that later) like oh I dunno, what about these:Sorry, over-exposed, but it only makes them BRIGHTER than they actually are...but yeah, I'm at the second gusset decrease and no, no, no, 100 miles of plain stockingette follows and I thought I would cry if I had nothing but that or reach to the other end of the spectrum and pull out the stuff that still has me staring at a pattern.

Action was required:
Maybe I cave in much too easily...I dunno, it works for me. I liked the look of the mistake-rib on the cuffs and ends of the aforementioned scarf and mitts that I am making this scarf entirely out of that stitch, for now...cuz um, yeah, you all know what happens when boredom strikes:
That would be everything I could find this morning...I think there might be some experimental stuff hiding under paperwork on my desk...but I didn't feel like digging.

And I know most people hate it, and it has bad/sad memories for me as well, but if I have to "get over it," anyway? I'll start with this:
Happy Valentine's Day


Bezzie said...

Nice Penelope reference! Very appropriate. Amazing what boring knitting will make us do huh?

Beth said...

I liked the picture of all of your WIPs. I might do that, too. I also sometimes just don't feel like knitting what's already on the needles.