Monday, February 11, 2008

Not Geekie Enough...

I kept thinking of a super-cool appropriate title for today's post...but I can't...

My brain died last night.

That wonder of wonders that keeps track of long-term calendar events, lets me know SEVEN DAYS ahead of time when someone's birthday is afoot, reminds me of making such things as doctor and dentist appointments...and most importantly, WAKES ME UP EVERY MORNING.


I had no time to sit up and try to fix it, so I went for plan ol'school gramma cell phone. I vaguely remember there was an alarm somewhere in there...I'm silly, I kinda only use my cell phone to like, call people...they way I only use my palm pilot for it's calendar/alarm function. And my camera? Yup, just use it to take pictures...rarely.

And people still wonder why I haven't jumped on the "all-in-one" bandwagon? I don't even own a dvd/vcr combo player here, people!

If my electronics were any older people would wonder what the big glass tubes connected to everything were for.

Man, I am cranky. Did you know that your cell phone alarm may not be the same pleasing little sound you chose as your ring? Instead it is a blaring evil sound that gets louder and louder? I missed my brain's little nudging.

But not for long! This morning, instead of like, you know, getting ready for work and stuff? I geeked out and found several solutions to my dead device. I didn't even have to use my torque screwdrivers on it!

Memory-wise though...I think I might have lost some data.

If you updated your info. with me in the last um, 5 might be getting an email from me...or maybe you should just email me cuz I just checked a couple entries and I could have sworn Andy's birthday was a day before mine, but my brain is telling me it's now in April.

Gotta love technology...

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