Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Wednesday: Thinking Positively

1-Cucumbers taste of summer to me.
There was a sale (of course, I am too much of a cheap-ass to buy even veggies at full price, especially during this current economic, um what are they calling it? Flux?) on baby cucumbers...or as Andy calls them, "mini-mumbers." Hi, can you really pass up "Baby Mini-Mumbers?" Neither can I, it's the girl in me. Yes, I also like Hello Kitty and soft stuffed animals (especially if they are dragons), wanna make something of it?

2-Book polygamy is running rampant.
What did I do to while away the hours before knitting took hold of me like crack? I read. I've finished three books this week...but um, not one after another, as in: like the non-monogamous knitter I've become, I was reading three books all at once...

Thursday Next: The First Among Sequels
- Jasper Fforde
I am Legend - Richard Matheson (Okay, I read the novella in its entirety, but the other short stories were skimmed if they started to bore (they are kinda dated) or it was just too dark and I am a wuss about the scary stories at night, maybe. Hello, "This is He Who Kills"?!?
The Terminal Man- Michael Crichton (it was in the lunch room, what can I say?)

3-Can you tell from the amount I'm typing that maybe I'm getting better?
The power of a wrist brace at work is amazing... No one has said anything about the extra non-data-entry related breaks/assignments I've been doing (as long as the data-entry happens, who cares, right?) But I am such a candidate for child abuse... When asked what the brace was for? Carpel Tunel? I lied. I totally said I fell. I couldn't even stop myself. No, my daddy didn't hurt me, I fell. Mostly because it's easier to say you've hurt yourself than to say, um no, actually it's acute tendon-something-so-wicked -I've-stopped-reading -the-internet-itis. Because then they ask, "Oh, what is that?" And I'd rather they think I'm a total klutz than damaged goods...or something.

Yep, Andy, and Olga for that matter, think I am being silly. Old habits die hard.

No, my parents did not abuse me. Sure, they spanked me, but that's cuz they loved me and are Mexican. My brother and I, however, used to beat the crap out of one another and would lie to the extremes as to how we um, ran into the side of the house--oh wait, that actually did happen...(cuz really? I am a klutz) but you get the idea, we weren't snitches. (Yeah, we got caught anyway, but not cuz we snitched!)

4-Mylar Balloons...I'm torn.
So someone gifted me a mylar balloon on my birthday and I milked it for all it was worth (we went out for lunch as a department to celebrate all the March and really 1st QTR '08 babies)! But it's now 3 weeks later and the balloon is still in my office and is STILL floating! And it's cute and makes me smile....but...well...I'm not a birkenstock-wearing-hippie-environmentalist (okay, I own birkes, I love the environment, shut up), but I'm now very aware of the damage these things can inflict if they last for so very very very long. But we're being positively random today so I'll just leave it at the fact that the lady bugs and dragonflies and cutsie flowers do actually bring a smile to my window-less, A/C, industrial section work day.

5-Do I even have a 5 or is this that part of my OCD that requires a 5 because I like 5's more than 4s? I think that answers my question.

Happy Wednesday!


Beth said...

Having 5 things does somehow seem more complete than just having 4 things. :) Glad you're improving!

Bezzie said...

Hm, there's got to be something earthy friendly you can do with that balloon!

And great, now I'm craving cukes!

Olga said...

I laughed out loud when I read they spanked me because they loved me and they were mexican! Ha ha- being from New Mexico that was priceless! And hey! I think I'm getting a bad rap here, I don't think your silly, what I said was...well, never mind what I said. Carry on..