Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wide AND Thick

No, this is not a spam post, regardless of what horrid visions the title might bring to mind. Thus were how my delicate tootsies were described today at a shoe store I "just for the heck of it" entered looking for new work-wear.

I hate shoe shopping. The reality is that I hate all shopping that has to do with girding my loins from top to bottom...and vice versa for you smarty pantses. But shoe shopping is the utter pits in years when European shoes are the mode. Not only are they never wide enough for my pudgy feets, but, as I found out today, they need to be deep enough to encase my "thick" feet. Isn't that just so attractive? Thick feet, and ankles. Thanks, dad. And thanks shoe lady, it's not like I was really looking forward to spending $200 on your ugly shoes anyway...

Now, shopping at cool "junk" stores? That's different.

Can someone please tell me why I so desperately want a portable smith-corona manual typewriter with it's own case? I mean, yeah, it's cool, I understand, but ummmm, not only do I have one at my mom's house, but um a manual typewriter??? Where would I put it? What would I use it for? Did I already ask, where would I put it?

The price tag was the only thing that let me walk away this time. They'd upped it by $10 from last week. (Inflation? No way!)

What I did spend money on:
They were on a tray with dental tools. No lie. I was busy being icked out by some pretty nasty looking forceps, grippers, and various and sundry torture devices when I spied the taped up bundle.
With points like these, yeah, I'd think they were part of the stainless steel little shop of horrors dental scenes too, if I didn't crochet doilies with similar implements of doom.

There are several of the same size (love macro--yes, Andy's camera),
and some are bent and one is missing a point altogether, but I couldn't get anything better for a dollar.
Yep, that's all I paid. Seeing as you can't even find these sizes for less than $5, I think it was well worth it. Now, I just have to get my arm healed enough to endeavor crochet work...


Bezzie said...

Hm, now I'm wondering if I might use my teeny crochet hook to pick popcorn kernels out of my teeth!

I thank the lord I don't have the shoe problem. I do have the pant problem though. I'm not short enough to be considered "petite" but I'm not tall enough to be considered "regular" either. I suppose I could hem, but I'm lazy. ;-)

Beth said...

That's a great find on the crochet hooks! A few years ago my MIL gave me her set and I didn't use them much. But now that I knit, I use them to pick up my dropped stitches on socks and other small gauge projects.

And why do styles have to change so much? I finally determined that slightly flared jeans look much better on me. But the store has mostly narrow, straight legs jeans now. Hmph!

Olga said...

I love finding cool stuff like that! I got a bag full of 1960 needes for $2.00 a few years ago. They were so retro ,I love 'em.