Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unexpected Finger Waxing & Sees Candy for Breakfast

Is it really only just before 11am?

Let's have some random for this Saturday morning:
-My dream life is frightening. Recently I am never myself. And lately there is always someone chasing me with a firearm. Last night I was definitely someone with much longer and stronger limbs, running along paths and jumping over canyon-esque crevices and climbing up crumbly hills...maybe I was a younger, lighter, umm taller me? I dunno, but I did wake up with a burning shoulder. Must have over-used it cresting that one overhang, cuz you know, I climb mountains in my subconscious.

-What is worse that a paper cut? How about a staple-cut? Yup, definitely. I ripped my left palm open just below the edge/beginning of my pointer/first/mouse-button finger as I was "cross-training" my fellow trained monkey on Thursday. I can personally show you to at least three different first aid kits at my workplace. I bled through three band-aids before it calmed itself down. This is just the premise for the next random:

-When taking off a band-aid whose sticky side is actually on my finger, like between the knuckle and second joint let's say? I must must must remember to make sure it has been soaked beyond stickiness...or something. I thought ripping a band aid from my "messican hairy arm" was bad, but Jeebus-help-me, I SCREAMED when I took off my band-aid this morning. I had NO IDEA that a)cheap-assed band-aids stuck so well, and b) I HAD (past tense here) wee little invisible hairs on my finger! People, I don't even wax my "mustache" or eyebrows here (attractive, I know), but finger waxing? Lord, the pain you waxers go through!

-That would be why I busted out a Sees chocolate. It's all my family's fault here. Traumatic event? Give the child some sugar to take the shock off...or something. Whatever, it works. Whether it is just in my head or not, I can measure the difference in milli-give-a-shits this morning.

You made it this far? I reward you with some Italian Coastline:
So don't quote me on this one...but I think that is the Island of Capri in the distance. We were in Positano, I think. I just really like the fortresses and towers on the coast that long protected the Italians from pirates and stuff. That is just so cool!

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Bezzie said...

Yeah those dollar store bandaids are amazing. And now I might use them to shave my legs after reading this! OW!!!