Friday, April 04, 2008

Not a Meme, A Lifestyle

You can only keep a positive spin for so long. It seems my limit is 4.15 instead of popping a brain vessel and going postal at work, I am listening to my iPod (which also made the list today) and organizing my thoughts for today's list:

Things that are Driving Me Bat Shit this Friday:

As opposed to regular sentence case. It's a little pet peeve, I know, but in the modern world of email and such? ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE SCREAMING AT ME and I obviously don't respond well to this. Also, a little advice here, people: if you need a favor? Asking me goes much farther. What's that saying? More flies with honey? This is especially true for things that affect me so little and you so very very much.

- Say, my, name! (in that special angry Homer Simpson voice) -
After a string of emails between the four of us, I understand if you get confused as far as to whom you are responding, but really, my first name? It's only 4 letters long. How can you get it wrong?!? It's in print! In front of your face!

- Dead Batteries -
Dear cell phone and iPod,
I know you are old; in electronic years you're what, 60? 80? What is the ratio? 20:1 maybe 30:1? I know I need to be patient with ancient technology, BUT I JUST CHARGED YOU (yes, I am yelling at them). How do you have a dead battery if I just juiced you up this morning?!? But that's not even what is making me insane about you. It's plugging you in and 3 minutes - for one, 10 minutes for the other - later you state that your batteries are full! LIARS!

- Lame Excuses -
One of the things that I've recently discovered about myself and that whole "oh, grow up" phenomena is that yes, I hate being wrong, but if I don't want to feel even more of a dip-shit, I take responsibility for whatever it is I've done. And if it's my fault for being slow or lazy or not knowing what I'm doing? I'll say so. (Is this what that whole adage about age and wisdom come from?) That given? Oh how you are driving me to hurt someone, she-who-must-remain-unnamed for blaming me for your failings. Stop hiding behind the excuses and just deal with the consequences! You are a grown up! ACT LIKE ONE!

- My Good for Nothing Right Arm -
I know I didn't speak too soon with regards to it getting better, because it is...getting better. The thing is? I want it to be better-NOW. I want to be done with the pain and the hurting altogether. It's taken me hours to write this wee little post because I'm trying not to overdo it. And that makes me feel old. And I hate it. I find I have to work my entire body twice or three times as hard to ignore or get over the pain. That ends with me at 4 PM thinking I need to go home and collapse...and then getting home, and collapsing. Funny thing is, that's not the life I'm aiming to have. Silly, I know.

There are a few bits and pieces that I want to add to this list, but as other have observed in their blogs, there are things (whether for better or worse) best not blogged about. It's one thing if I email you about it directly (and it is a draft in my inbox, I promise!), and a whole 'nother if I post it for the world to see, even if they are affecting me just as much.

Only a few more hours until the weekend...huzzah!

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Beth said...

Yes, those things would all drive me batty, too. Dealing with people can really push me over the edge. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend!