Saturday, March 31, 2007

No I Haven't Forgotten About Project Spectrum

Let's just say I've been a little distracted with what I've far too quickly come to consider "my" company (I'm just a temp remember? But when you are in charge of paying all the bills for over 2 million square feet of buildings, YOUR might get a bit possessive.), my "oh my god it's only 25 days away" upcoming trip to Italy, and maybe one rather large and emotionally draining new reality I've had to deal with.

I do, however, have stuff to show to distract both you and me from all the aforementioned bumps in the knitting road:

I bring you: an actual Finished Object:
Project Spectrum February/March Footlets:
Yes, I know, I was finished eons ago. That was way before it was March 31st and I had so much time I thought I'd make something blue, or maybe white....ha ha ha ha ha...let's just say I have needles and freshly wound center-pull balls of blue yearn ready to go for, um, maybe next year....or something.
Here they are on what I like to call my sausage-like feet. At times, like when there is shoe-shopping involved? I feel like they are a wide as they are long.
I mean, really, check out those squishy monsters...But the footlets don't seem to mind....
They "blocked" kinda funny. I think it has a lot to do with the el-cheapo blockers I made out of wire hangers...but they seem to look sorta normal on my pudgy duck feet so they're keepers. My thought is to use them as slippers on the Italy trip.

Some details:
Yarn: So I used bits of Lorna's Laces shepherd sock yarn in "charcoal" and almost a whole skein of "pin stripe." I could have made these MUCH longer in the ankle department, as I have, urgh, leftovers...but ce la vi...I can make an ipod case or add it to my ever growing "bits" collection.

Needles: Double-pointy ones to make the bus rides I worked on them THAT much more interesting and exciting (especially when the driver slammed on the breaks and everyone when flying...). US 2s to begin, US1s for the other 99.999%.

Pattern: Well, I kinda used the Garter Stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, but obviously the ankle length and two color usage was winged.

I knit both at the same time...I kinda like doing that. You really are DONE when you get to the toes that way...oh, yeah, started from the top down. Some day I will figure out provisional casting on and increasing without thinking my stitches look like poopy. I'm so not very good on the increasing thing...I suck at it actually. One of the reasons the blue project went away.

Instead I've been working on what I've come to consider the little bit of sunshine I carry around in my bag. Here in the land of Overcast on Grey, very useful, lemme tell ya.
Too Bright for the Supermarket Socks :)
Seeing as they're mostly yellow, have lots of green, and they won't be finished until at least April...they'll be part of the next round of Project Spectrum. Yep, the picture is "upside down." But that's how I took it, seeing as that's kinda how I see them as I'm knitting them. More details when I finish them.


Kristy said...

I love love those yellow socks! They are stunning and happy and so...yellow! Though I love yellow, I can't wear yellow anywhere within 4 feet of my face. This is a stellar idea! I should make myself some happy, sunny yellow socks!

more cowbell said...

Oh honey, you're in the Pacific Northwest. You know damn well those yellow socks are just fine with a pair of Birkenstocks. Too bright for the supermarket? Maybe in Manhattan, but you're just fine here.