Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jumping the Gun/A Small Reprieve

So how many of you thought Monday was Tuesday? Or that the 5th was really the 6th?

I know I'm not alone in this, a number of people here at the office were dazed and confused yesterday when we all realized yesterday was indeed WEDNESDAY March 7th! Not the 8th! Not Thursday! Nor Tuesday! Don't go trying to input invoices using the incorrect date now! Bad things will happen...I should know.

To quote the song running through my head, "Yesterday was plain awful, yesterday was no good..." Or something like that.

But today is a new day, glass half full and all that...AND MY LITTLE BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY, not today :).

So his present might actually arrive on time.

(Had I the energy, this is where the happy dance would be inserted...whatever happened to the dancing baby .gif everyone had around about a decade ago???) Maybe I'll hunt down my dancing spider man...

Anyhow, this is me on NO sleep. We're having some kind of storm system moving in off and was mostly ON with wind and slamming shed doors and flying trash can lids last night. FUN TIMES...good thing there is a Starbucks on my floor...

Happy non-birthday Thursday, tee hee.

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