Saturday, March 10, 2007

The "Manly" Art of Laser-Tagging

I didn't post yesterday to save my baby brother the embarrassment of finding my blog someday and seeing his name all over it.

So instead today I'll embarrass him by writing about him :). Ah the joys of 18 years of seniority. Of course if I ever do live too long and it's my little brother who ends up taking care of me...right karma and payback, oh my.

Keeping that in mind I'll just share one thing that I can't get out of my head.

My "manly" baby brother (who stands at like 6" tall now) was telling me in his very "manly" deep voice that his friends and he would be going to a laser-tag place a neighborhood and a half away to do such "manly" things as shoot one another with invisible beams of light. But mom drove, as my manly little guy is still too young for such pursuits.

Okay, two things...
So I mailed him off some music for his birthday present. Stuff I was listening to around my middle teen aged years (The Cure), as well as stuff Andy said a teen aged boy might light (Rage Against the Machine), and maybe a band I have a super soft-spot for (Nine Inch Nails--I do not explain my absurdities, they just are). Well, I wrote warnings on the gifts to make sure that the more, um, offensive ones did not get played at school or around parents or small children. But having had too much experience with people in general, and teenagers more specifically, I know THEY DON'T I thought I'd share the warnings verbally.

I am such an old lady...I was floored when my manly little brother said,
"It's okay, I know they cuss."
All I kept picturing was my 9 year old baby brother saying this...with a really sore throat...

As it's Andy's birthday eve, and my birthday eve's eve, there's tons to do in Tactless Land...have a happy weekend...

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Beth said...

Oh, happy birthday to your brother, Andy, and you! March is a great birthday month! :)