Monday, March 12, 2007

Remembering Goofy

In about 5 or so hours "mas o menos" (as Andy pointed out, it's not ever exact) I'll officially begin my 34th year on this planet.
Me and my numbers problem...I much rather prefer it being my 34th year than being 33.  It's too odd a number...doesn't fall into my OCD categories with ease.  It's an awful lot of candles to light and unless you can do three rings of 11 on that cake,'s gonna drive me batty.
Where was I?
Oh yeah...goofy.  Not the Disney character, but the adjective. 
I'd forgotten all about what goofy could be until they hired a new scientist at my last temp. assignment.  I'd been expected to be serious and mean and perfect and IN CONTROL for so long (that's being a teacher in the "old school" (ha) rules, boys and girls) that I'd seriously put aside anything but the serious/professional/no nonsense persona at work.  I was not the librarian to mess with in Kings Beach, no siree, bob.
Then, one afternoon as she came out from the lab that same scientist raised her fists and did a pretend "the crowd goes wild" roar as she stomped through the entry way by my desk.  She was elated.  She'd accomplished who knows what (I confess to only vaguely understanding what all they studied in those labs), and it was such a cute goofball maneuver that I was floored.  You're a scientist!  Not the Nutty Professor!
Yes, Virginia, you can be both.
No, I'm not going for the goofball of the year award at work.  But this morning?  On the anniversary of my birth and all?  As I hung up with Seattle City Lights after convincing them to NOT charge us a late fee for a bill we weren't responsible for?  I raised my own fists and did a little "chair dance" as I shared the news with my supervisor.  It made him laugh, and frankly, in the dreariness of the Accounting Department, we need all the laughs we can get.
Before I forget:
*Since I failed to post yesterday.

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Beth said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Mary!
Happy birthday to you!