Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Birthday Roundup...Sort Of

See, there's another round to go...I mean, we're really only halfway through the month and all, and who knows what shenanigans will follow...but as I've been remiss on the blogging thing again I thought I'd catch everyone up with lots of pictures...but ummm I don't think there's a smidgen of yarn in any of them...cuz I suck that way.

To begin:
The fever was quick and not too horrible. I was in an Advil/airborne daze most of the day. It was bound to happen, EVERYONE IS SICK AGAIN. I'm surprised I took so long to fall.

I'm a typing fool again. The owies from the blasted apple-slicing-incident are just about gone. I had no idea how many bruises I'd actually gotten until about Wednesday night when they all reared their ugliness and made my emailing at home a pain.

I'm still having tendon issues with my right hand at the wrist, but something scary happened about Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (can you tell the week was kinda packed? I was reaching for something at work and I felt more than heard, but it was audible, a "SNAP" and then felt all this HOT LIQUID "running" down/up my arm starting at my thumb.

Yes, I was scared. No, no actual liquid. Yes, I kinda did the panicky "yank up the sleeve to look" thing. No, I didn't go to the doctor. Why? Cuz I am poor and I wait until things REALLY freak me out first. Besides, after my heart rate went back to normal and I was sure nothing was broken--no pain you see, just the snapping and the flowing of invisible lava-hot liquid, I had almost 100% mobility in my thumb again.


I just had to share since I've been complaining about the thumb and it's less than stellar number entry performance for so long! I am healing! YEY! What a treat to know it's not ALL downhill from 33 :).

Okay, moving on to some pictures:

I'm a temp, 'member? So on Monday, when I walked into work, I was kinda expecting this:
Every one's birthday is acknowledged, which is really sweet. What I wasn't expecting was this:
Cubicle, sweet cubicle.
It's an accounting department tradition to make it really really hard for you to motivate on your birthday. Being a Monday, however, I didn't have much of a choice, I unwrapped as I went to keep the area pretty. I know you can't tell via my crappy picture (my fisher-price camera again) but being the accounting department, the same paper, bows, and ribbon have been recycled from birthday to birthday for YEARS. I find that the best part of the tradition. Only in an accounting department, sheesh. I'm REALLY gonna miss these people.

Andy's birthday was on Sunday, right? But he didn't want cake. Well, I did. And candles. Yes, I plan to melt a cake some day. So here's what we got at our local gourmet grocery store:

A "Ganache Mocha Cake." Or something similar.
Did you know you can't put candles into ganache when it's too cold?
Right. Neither did we. That's what the toothpick is doing in the picture (in red). Yes, I also picked the gaudiest of candles because they came in a pack of 36--the extras are circled in green.

Using TWO lighters to give the poor candles a chance NOT to melt all over the ganache (note the arrows):
We left the three abandoned candles to look on at their siblings' fate. That would be me, headless, getting ready to blow out the mess.

And here's an artsy shot of Andy with his slice of cake. No, he doesn't look very happy, I agree. We found out that this is FAR TOO MUCH SUGAR for either of us, at least in one sitting. So we've (read as me, me, me, me) been nibbling much smaller pieces since then.
As of today, Sunday morning? There is still half a cake in the fridge...isn't that just horrible?!?


Beth said...

The cake looks fabulous! I would have been scared by the snapping/water flowing event, too. I'm glad you had a good birthday!

michael ringwood said...

The cake looks delicious. Send me a piece if you have one. Hehe...just kidding.
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