Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1st Day of Spring?

So I was going to post this yesterday, but my sinuses won.

I'm all confused. Why do I have the gut feeling that the 21st is really the "first" day of the season? Yet I heard and read that the "20th" at about 5PM was when the season started. Is it more of that "Earth's rotation/revolution-losing seconds a day/year" thing?

I really should pay more attention to these things. It'd bother me less on days like this.

TODAY (yesterday) we're expecting a HUGE storm cell to wallup us. I know the "HVAC" unit (I'm all down with the acronyms 3 weeks shy of leaving...) is working like a maniac. I not only can hear it, but my head is trying very hard not to explode all over this monitor. I don't think anyone would be very happy about such a thing, especially me. Well, really, especially the janitorial staff, they have to clean up so much already and all.

My sinuses have not been my friends of late, can you tell? Okay, must finish that whole work thing, we're off for a fare-thee-well drink. Can you believe? One of the temps was hired on by a third-party management company! We're all very proud. So if I want to join in the clinking with something other than water? Right, staying clear of the meds (sniffle).

Did I mention March was full of birthdays?


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more cowbell said...

March 21 is my birthday. Otherwise and preferably known as the spring equinox. So I was raised with the 21st being the "first day of spring", and always got pissed off as a kid when people would say it was the 20th. As far as the spring part, i don't know ... it has rained every year of my life on that day, with the exception of 3 years, and one of those was snow. Anyway, because of the particular year I was born in, it turns out I was almost a Pisces, as the crossover to Ariesness occured later that year. This would explain the weird personality disorder.