Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Already?

One less thing to pack?

So Panta? She’s too big for my head! I’d swatched and washed and the whole nine yards! I guess my knitting is like my doily-making…I end up gifting all I make…maybe that’s why my vertically challenged scarf is still not finished? I mean, well, I made that little beanie and I tried it on and I said, um, no, this would best suit someone else…and all the hats and scarves of old…and now Panta...

I meant for it to stay with me, measured it with me in mind even, but I gave it to my coworker instead. No, not the one who leant me her needles, but Kay, whom I work with at the KB branch. She gave me a knitting book not too long ago and had asked if I’d make her a hat. What with my moving and all, it’s been put on the back burner for now (i.e. we still haven’t decided the pattern, much less the yarn!), so the headband is a good temporary fix, I think. It looks cute on her and I’ve asked if she’ll pose for a picture so that I can have something other than the metal mixing bowl version. Maybe I can steal, I mean, BORROW Andy’s higher mega-pixel digi.

“Brokeback Mountain”

WOW! Kay and I almost didn’t make it. We’re both REALLY VERY GOOD at getting lost; especially if we happen to be in RENO or SPARKS, Nevada. We planned on the 4:15pm showing. We finally figured out three rights do indeed make a left at about 4:30pm, but were still nowhere near the theater, so we purchased tickets for the 7:15pm and went off to find Target. You’d think we’d know better than to drive away from our destination after the adventure in navigation that we’d just endured, ri-i-i-i-ght.

After almost ending up in Carson City (about 20 miles SOUTH of Reno), and advice from Kay’s good friend who LIVES in the area, we finally found Target. We had just enough time to jet in, jet out, and then catch the movie…except Kay wanted to go into Linens & Things, and then she wanted a snack, and then I couldn’t remember what street to get off on…Hoo boy.

We made it to our seats, popcorn in hand just as the “Feature Presentation” signal flashed across the screen. A-maz-ing!

As was the movie. Only one little bit I’m totally confused by and will have to start digging around and/or asking others who’ve seen it. Maybe you were confused too? It’s the “flashback/dream/vision” that happens when the quiet one is on the payphone? Anyhow, wow, I really liked it.

And before I forget, cuz I should be sleeping now as I have a LOOOOOOONG work-day ahead of me, ha, later today:



keohinani said...

i want to see that movie! i have this huge affinity for cowboys, irregardless of the fact that my ex was a cowboy...okay, so i lie. i loved cowboys, and have an even greater appreciation for them because of my ex. i've read reviews about it, and i've looked at all the movie stills. i care nothing for the hostile critics who dismiss this as a "gay cowboy movie;" i haven't seen the movie yet and already i know i'm going to like it. how crazy is that? unfortunately, it's not being showed in any major theater...it's playing in only two theaters and they're kind of hole in the wall theaters.

ellie said...

My beau and I are voting for purposefully ambiguous on the phone call scene. Truth or his imagination? Could be either. I believe someone who talked to someone who read the short story said it was more clearly happening in the quiet one’s mind in writing, but I have no good confirmation on that. I also hear the story is available online if you want to check.