Friday, January 13, 2006

Random Thoughts

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

So, random thoughts today...mostly because I don't really have anything to blog about.

I did begin Saving Fish From Drowning, but something else snuck in last night...yes, I read it in a few hours: Lemony Snickett: The Unauthorized Autobiography. It's an "a-ha" book. No, not the publishers, but it gives you some good grounding for understanding a lot of underlying plot. I hear there's another NON-Snickett written book that tries to answer questions and gives plot spoilers and such. Now that I'm all caught up with the series, I might take a look.

So I'm off to LA...umm, in 6 days. My cousin invited me to her sister-in-law's baby shower. I normally don't share too much info about my family (me, oh yeah, hi, that's what this blog is about), but I generally try to respect other peoples' privacy. But this, I had to share. So this SIL is her only SIL. My aunt and uncle had 5 kids, 4 of them girls. So the ONE boy in the family got hitched and they're now expecting...the very first female grandchild of a currently male dominated grandchild collection. So I told my housemates, "The only boy in the family is going to have the only girl!" I should really say FIRST girl. I'm not into jinxing anyone, and I don't know how many kids they're planning on having, so, you know, it being Friday the 13th I don't want to, you know, whatever.

Some trivial information for ya:
In Mexico, it's Tuesday the 12th people have the itchy icky scary feelings about...but I don't know why... and I never did ask...silly me.

I've been knitting away...I have about 4" of sock and going on 23" of scarf. No pics, that would involve camera and set up and being disappointed with the lighting and etc., so use your imagination and I'll try to get something done later, promise.

Work calls...

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