Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Progress & News...

Panta Progress:
But I'm happy to report that I'm on section 8 of 9 of the headband. Wanna see? I'd like this to come out nice and pretty but we're working with my fisher-price camera. Maybe someday I'll get a second-hand/kickdown from my more technologically advanced friends...or get a real job so I can buy these toys with no remorse. But here it is, in all it's fuzzy and poorly-lit glory:Right, so remember this is that...and yeah, it's not red red, more like a dark merlot/burgundy and black combo. Red red is the yarn I received from Birdsong.

But here's a closeup of my wondrous and magical increases and decreases:It's a better color approximation. Winter does not give the best indoor lighting pictures, that's for certain.

In other news:
It looks like I'll have to change both my header and profile soon...well, soon in Tahoe time can stretch out to a few weeks/months.

A move is in the works. Many of the more technology challenged, but phone enabled already know, as well as those whose xmas cards I wrote (and I'm still writing...) after the plan sprouted from our twisted imaginings at chez Wackylandia. Looking to move to Seattle.

I need to kickstart my life and as beautiful and fun as Tahoe is...I can't find a REAL (read as full-time, good pay AND bennies) job, I can't afford to buy a house here, and it really is time to move on. I'm not alone in this, I've met really neat people here, all on their way out. They were here for a season or a decade but now want to have only ONE job, and a stable one at that, don't want to work at Safeway or RiteAid, and shock, shock, would like to buy something instead of making their landlords even richer!

So I'm joining that exodus. Many move out of here and go to Nevada or the SF Bay area. I figure a move is a move. Whether it's around the corner or across the country, same difference. Pack up and go. It's lots less daunting since I packed up and went from Hawai'i. That was a move. Seattle is about 900 miles +/- from here; 15-20 hrs of driving, eep. And pretty much straight into the unknown again. Tim is the RECON of our trio. He went, he saw, he got an apartment. He leaves in like TWO days. Andy and I will follow. Tim's all about living near the university, I'm all about living NEAR enough to Seattle to have it on my address, but maybe IN a suburb. I grew up in LA la land...10 min. east of downtown LA. Andy's never lived in a city, period. An adventure to be had by all.

So that's the gnus with tactless gnu...

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jillian said...

Good luck with your move!! Buy a good raincoat before you move, though :)