Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Who I am on the Inside That Counts...


But I'm not all that sad about what the My Heritage Beta Face Recognition Program said about my outside :). I jotted down my favorites:

66% Andie MacDowell

56% Mira Sorvino

51% Young Audrey Hepburn

41% Christina Ricci

What do these ladies have in common? Probably the smile and the chubby cheeks, cuz lord knows I don't come at all near looking like them like really, but remotely, yeah, that's me all right! SUUUUUURE.

Thanks Deceptively Packaged! Now I just gotta get a body to match, hmmm, weeeelll, yeah, read any good books lately? (Yes, lightning speed subject change.)

So I just finished The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket (Book 12 of The Series of Unfortunate Events Series). I've said it before, it's nice to be able to read a novel in no-time flat. This series is fun, if not terribly depressing because you know these poor kids aren't having much fun, ever. There's only one more to wait for. Funny that it ends at about the same time the HP books will...well, that is, if there's a book in the coming year or two. Snicket is a more prolific writer than Rowling. Then again, he had three of his books turn into one just don't know anymore.

I'll be tucking into Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan next...that should take me forever to read.

So, over at Snitty, she confessed to her yarn stash total being over 300 balls/skeins of yarn, wow. I had to go out and buy some yarn just so I could say I own more than a dozen, you know, just to keep up! Does it count if the yarn is already a part of a project, I wonder? Cuz if not...eep, they might throw me out of the knitting club, as that would bring me down to, um, about, well, less than 9 balls/skeins of yarn tucked away for a rainy day.

Here's a hint for everyone, married or not, who owns anything WITH someone else. Make a copy of everything the day you get it. Even if you don't think you'll ever need it. Keep that copy ready, you know, just in case. That way if say, you do divorce or break up, or hey, just live in separate states and need the info to file your taxes, you don't have to try to contact anyone who maybe doesn't want to hear from you, or has changed his email, or just isn't responding to your email requesting for a copy of the original escrow number cuz, you know, you can bite him/her/whatever. Cuz yeah, silly you, leaving them all the original documents in case they needed them. Jokes on me, I mean you, or whoever. Fun.


ellie said...

Glad you enjoyed the link. I totally commisserate with the document problem. So sorry for your frustrations!

jillian said...

Oh - I didn't mean to be a bad influence :) It doesn't matter what size your stash it is, just what you do with it!

I'm so sorry your ex is being "difficult".