Saturday, January 28, 2006

These Dreams Go On When I Close My Eyes...

(Insert deity and or expletive of choice here) I hate Heart. For one simple reason, my X overplayed them far too often, far too into the 90s and then the 00s. Give it a rest!

But my dreams seem oh so vivid when I'm fighting inner ear infections! Yes, I too am joining the masses who are (once again) not quite on their 2 feet. Yesterday, lying in bed I honestly felt like I was back on my sailboat, or my friend Ken's sailboat, as I kept feeling the bed tilt back and forth every so slightly, as my berth on the water had.

So if we go back in time here and back a few dozen posts, you'll know I'm not the most graceful of people to walk the earth. Yet because of my oceanic experiences, and having SURVIVED not one, but TWO very painful and non-sudafed aided ear infections (which led to the popping of one eardrum in the aftermath of Hurricane Kenna 87 miles north of where she hit) ON A SAILBOAT, dealing with one half-hearted infection on land is no biggie. I was able to deal with laundry and today I may just unpack!

Last night, however, my mind, doped up on Sudafed and in its "floating" bliss, had me dreaming of flying to Japan with my parents. I found myself staying on a boat/hotel/cruise ship(?) with my parents and on the phone convincing a US friend that yes, I think I'm qualified to teach ESL to Japanese students. Having been an ESL teacher in the US, I was having problems understanding why he doubted me...then I was on the big Island of Hawai'i, and in charge of three children who desperately needed to get to another island. So we hired a surfboard paddler, who'd tied a dinghy to his board and handed me a paddle to steer with, and we proceeded to leave the safety of the Hilo Bay and go out into open water...but we were too close to the shore and the pounding waves...and then I was on some floating platform...but it was really hard to breath (I think that's when the Sudafed was wearing off), and I woke up.

I usually don't remember my dreams very well unless I actively try, or I tell them out loud to someone else...right, cuz telling them silently to someone else is possible, huh? Did I mention I was ill? Yes, well.

Changing topics...So I see that the Knitting Olympics is gonna be a HUGE thing and it's so big and scary that I'm opting out. I was never much for team sports. I fenced in college; a foilist. So though I was a part of the UCSC Women's Foil Team...ummm, we were all pretty much alone and one-on-one when it came to actually participating in our I'll just sit back and watch, thanks.

I'll cheer you on, if well, you let me know who you are :)! Good luck everyone! I gotta go find more Sudafed.

P.S.: I've finally started adding pics to my gallery if anyone wants to look...nothing you haven't seen before really, but they're all in ONE PLACE now :).
P.P.S.: I'm also doing I finally figured out how to make I'm slow, what of it? You wanna make somethin' of it, yeah, I thought so...phew...Syblil, go to bed...

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