Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seattle Update, an FO, and Gknitting Gnews

So you're on the edge of your seats, right? Wondering where on HWY 5 are Tim and Andy?

I just got an email. 40 some-odd minutes ago they were sitting in front of the garage of Tim's new apartment complex. The place was not yet open for taking new renters in, so they did the only thing these two could think of: use the Mac Store's wireless to contact me and let me know they and the rented Penske Truck were a-okay. Exhausted, but in one piece.

MY FO (Finished Object)!

Panta Headband (Panta = Finnish for Headband, so this is a Headband Headband...)
So I used Cascade 220, but I've lost the little tag so I don't know the color...and I know the yarn calls for US 7 or 8 needles, but I used "almost" 5s. Well, I began with Brittany US5s and then switched to these metal ones I got from that co-worker I mentioned before? I thought the yarn color would be better at NOT DYING MY OVERPRICED WOODEN NEEDLES RED! Which is a big bummer. I need to see if I can somehow turn my Brittanys back to their original shade.

Right, so sorry, no self-portrait. This metal mixing bowl is my friend. It's helped me block my hats with the ease that only a metal mixing bowl can provide. Besides, the last time I took a picture of myself and sent it off, not only was it all fuzzy (thank you fisher-price camera) but the comment I got back was, "WOW, you look like Dad!" As I'm not really in the mood to look like a 60-year-old MAN this morning, I've opted for a mixing bowl model. Besides, it needs to get blocked anyway.

Gknitting Gnews...
I was going to start on a hat for a little one, as I've not heard anything from mom in Wisconsin regarding wool allergies, but then I thought to myself, "Self, you're sick. Would you want someone to make you something, something they keep touching and being around, something they're doing while coughing and with need to blow their noses far too often...i.e. while they were sick?" Right. So, I pulled out my Knit Socks! instead, and am gonna attempt my first sock. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm already not following instructions, I'm only going to do one sock at a time. I'll probably come to regret it, but um, it's a needle problem again. I don't have the requisite number of needles to have two socks going at the same time, as the author recommends. I will survive, I'm sure. Pray tell which sockie? (I LOVE thumbing through this book, you grab the "toes" and! Sorry, I did say I was ill, yes? In many ways.) I'ma gonna try out "Classy Slip Up" Page 104. Go for the gold, eh?

Happy Saturday.

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