Friday, January 06, 2006

Copping out yet again...

Where did that phrase come from "copping out?" Am I using it incorrectly...hmmm, weird sound from next door, I do believe the neighbors just closed the garage door a bit too close to their vehicle...sounded like a bumper scrape.

And here I thought I'd have nothing to share tonight.

But I don't, not really, unless you want me to cough on you. No, not like the creepy "old man" coughing story Crazy Aunt Purl told. More like, I am so ready to be over and done with all the sickness I've been attracting of late. This is what happens when you have allergies and the propensity to pick up colds. Or is it chicken and egg time again? I get colds because of my propensity to get allergic reactions? Whatever. I'm almost done with the sinus bit, but now I've got that "cat hair in the throat" feeling? Yeah, fun stuff here.

I'm all down with NyQuil and an early night.

Tim and Andy should be past the 1/2-way mark on the road to Seattle. They last checked in with mother, I mean me, about 6 hours ago. They'd just passed Redding, but were worried about the weather in the upcoming passes. Yes, these boys so know how to ease my paranoid, ultra-worried self. So thinking happy thoughts toward HWY 5.

I finished the Panta Brazilian Headband! I was going to try to take pictures but it is so not worth it this late in the evening. I will try my hardest to remember to pull out the camera when there is more light.

Happy Noche Buena by the way...I got so stuck with being sick that I missed it all...the nice thing about the holidays? You can always try again next year.

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