Monday, January 02, 2006

Lights, no action

So lights...
There weren't any, all day. Power out all over KB and who knows how many surrounding areas. Tim got bored at about Tahoe Vista and came back, his search for an open coffee house completely thwarted. And we got to find out lots of things about this wonderful townhome we're currently renting...

When there's no power:
1) No showers. No hot showers that is. "On-Demand" water heater uses 'lectricity.
2) No heat! Woo hoo...did I mention it was snowing outside?
3) You can indeed override the electric solenoid on the fake fireplace and make that go.
4) The pizo ELECTRIC starter for the gas range? Right, that's what lighters are for.
5) No oven, no override either. It's ELECTRIC push-button technology.

Happily power was restored! All was much better at about 2:30 PM. Otherwise I'd not be posting right now but trying to find out how I could light a fire in the house without killing everyone and every thing...or burning down the house.

I'm supposed to have like pictures showing progress of items...but my camera isn't cooperating, so picture it if you will, the same red/black yarn I used to accent the little hat of a few posts ago, being used for the Panta Headband. I'm on Section 5 (of 9). I'm okay with increasing stitches. I probably should be using thinner yarn, but I don't really do the "stash" thing very well...It's a money thing, I don't have it, therefore I can't really spend it now can I? Although I did come out in the black this month! $36! Woot woot!

So, short post cuz it's later than I need it to be...and I'd kinda like to finish and USE the Panta tomorrow if possible. I went out to shovel snow and my ears wanted to fall off. I'd use a hat, but, well, I overheat. This is what attracted me to a headband made of 100% wool...we'll see...maybe pictures tomorrow, but no promises.

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