Sunday, January 04, 2009

They Really Are Snow Headaches...

I don't know why I'm so weather obsessed, except for the fact that when the pressure plummets my brain expands and tries to crack my head open...or maybe it's just sinus pressure, whatever, I'm not a doctor :).

Anywho funny story (in that not ha ha but maybe boo hoo, for me way)....friends C & J were visiting from my "The City" (San Francisco) this weekend and when they went online this AM to check-in, instead of the happy "print your boarding passes" page, they were instructed to call the airlines, immediately.

This was a bit worrisome as their evening flight had already been changed/moved/delayed an hour to really be a night flight, so what was next? Outright cancellation? So after being on hold for 15 minutes, C finally gets to speak to someone who mentions that actually the flight was delayed a bit longer, could he be convinced to go on an earlier flight?

As much as they love me...getting home earlier rather than even later sounded much better to them. So, even if it meant they could not sit together, they took the offer of an earlier flight.

Fast-forward to that afternoon as we are driving to SEA-TAC airport:

"Wait," says C, "Is that SNOW?"

That would be a big yes. Not sticking or anything, but cute little flakes were coming down around us on HWY 99. Oh what fun...

Once dropped off and headed back north? The temperatures started plummeting again; my temples started throbbing; and the cute little flakes were now real big ones...but happily they kept mixing with the rain. Wet sloppy flakes and rain. Yes, of course there was a quick dash to the grocery store, just in case. I'm getting good at this sort of thing.

We're to get one to three inches of snow tonight. It may all melt off with the coming rain, or turn to horrid ice with the coming rain and plunging temperatures. I wonder if the tapering of my headache means it really will turn into rain...just call me barometer girl.

Right, so C just called a bit ago as Andy and I were plotting moving his car off the hill, just in case.

"Forty-five degrees in San Francisco and J isn't even wearing her coat!" He chimed as he and J were walking home from the BART station.

Just for fun, he'd looked up the status of their original flight...delayed again, possibly another couple of in, not leaving until almost 10 PM...when this snow is supposed to, maybe possibly, turn into rain/ice. I told him he was very lucky about the earlier flight cuz as much as I love them, there was no way I'd go driving in the mess that is the siren-filled streets.

Oh yes, many sirens since the snow that wasn't even supposed to touch the asphalt started sticking...again.


erin said...

I went to dinner with some friends in the thick of it and the roads up here on the ol' Hill are a mess. Yet again. We saw three stuck buses on our way home. Yet again. There was at least three inches out there when I came into the house 30 minutes ago. I am so annoyed!

Beth said...

Wow, you all are really getting hit this winter. I'm glad you got in before the big mess started.

Bezzie said...

Ugh...good thing they got out when they did.

I'd trade you a depressing gray snowless winter for your snow and headaches!

tana said...

I cannot believe I woke up to snow - at least 2 inches of it. I too am annoyed. I'm glad your friends got back home safely.