Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Wednesday

I've got nothing cohesive today...and I'm kinda late for work...but the butterflies are trying to keep me home...

I think I'm going to be "let down easy" today.

Fine, I've said's just...a generic letter from the HR system saying "thanks, but no thanks," would be easier for me to handle than a 1/2 hour meeting with peeps to tell me they think I'm cool but not right/qualified/cool enough for the position.

Of course, as my boss-guy said yesterday, the meeting actually could be to tell me I got the job....but I'd rather not dwell on the positive since it'll just sting that much more...

So instead some random:

- They're re-keying all the locks in my apartment building but have already issued us the new keys...heavy, new keys, so that um, yeah, we can feel safer, or something.

- My mom has decided she wants to live to see her great grandchildren. This puts a big kink in my plan to lead the life of excess and infamy once I've buried my parents. In fact, if her calculations are correct, she is planning on outliving that "I don't want to live that long" philosophy I have.

- Just for clarification, my niece turns 6 this week.

- My hip hurts, but differently. I'm hoping it's a good hurt, but really? What do I know?

- These pictures have nothing to do with anything...more like left-overs:
From that post I was going to write about when in LA and looking for yarn in all the wrong places South Pasadena with my mom. Isn't it fun and bright! It still reminds me of the heat of that day... I really am surprised we didn't die of heat stroke.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins...I made them for the office a while back for the first time ever and I want one right now...but instead I'll finish my piece of plain toast and get ready for work.

Happy Wednesday!


erin said...

I hope you got the job! I will think positively for you.

Also, I reeeeally reeeeeeally want the recipe for those muffins. But I doubt they would fall under the "healthy living" category, so please don't give it to me.

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! They're not going to tell you "no" at a meeting!!! But I'm the same pessimistic way. Makes it that more wonderful when it happens and less horrible if it doesn't.

Delish looking muffins!