Saturday, January 24, 2009

Positivity Man....

- Though I was told not to get my hopes would-be boss-guy is not "closing my case." In fact, he's going to have another meeting with his group and/or his boss lady to see if there is something else that can be done with my situation. Because as he said, "Even if you're not under my direct supervision, we are still all one group."

- I like where I work and with whom I work, even if the job itself is sucky sometimes.

- Having sushi with friends after a bad day makes everything better.

- Holding L&L's baby makes me very happy. She was sweet and lovable until just exactly 8:30 PM, her bedtime. Will make a note of that.

- I like the way peoples' faces light up when I give them knitwear...and yeah, I did not take a picture of the hat I gave L last night...I just realized this and may have made a "doh" sound...bad blogger...but I give myself extra props for it matching her new winter coat without me realizing it.

- After sleeping in, I am drinking coffee, surfing the web, and not having to wrack my brain because it's Saturday and "no work til' Monday" is exactly what I am humming...

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tana said...

Hmmm, will have to keep us posted! Way to go on being totally positive. I could use some of that right now. :)