Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello, Tuesday, Where Did You Come From???

I'm only half awake right now...but I thought I'd check in.

See, it's that closing time of the month. And if I get that job I'm eyeing in the "brother" department of mine, it's not like it'll get any easier at this time every month, but as Andy explained, it's not like I'll get a raise, I'll just be actually getting paid for the overtime that doesn't get approved.

So....how'd it go? Interview-in' and such? I don't know. There was a lot of laughing...and I think most of with was WITH me. These are my colleagues after all. There was a super tense moment when the X-accounting assistant came up...you know that favorite question, "Think about a time you had to work with someone you didn't get along with" style? (Can't remember the exact wording, after coffee maybe.) We finished early even. I talk fast, what can I say? I said something stupid along the lines of, "See, hire me, I make everything efficient."

I don't know what happened to the weekend. If there had been heavy drinking on Friday night I'd understand...but nope...just lots of "Heroes" Season 2 watching and reknitting (hat & baby socks...best not to ask) and oh yeah, helping Andy get ready for the Antarctic-like weather of Ohio...he missed the freezing temperatures of Seattle as he'd been in Cali., so he was kinda afeared of not being prepared for the weather.

I love dressing my friends. No, let me be super clear, I love dressing my guy friends & family. I'm sure this stems from my weight/bump/puberty issues. You know, the after puberty I had to start wearing girl clothes cuz boy clothes no longer fit and being a tom boy and NOT a girly girl, I hated my life and my body and still kinda do? Yeah, them issues.

ANYWAY....we went off to Andy's most hated destination, THE MALL, and found the "almost out of season" sections of the stores. Hi, it's JANUARY, why are they all getting ready for SPRING already? We were all, "My kingdom for a sweater!" And who sells COTTON sweaters in the PNW?

My new goal is to finish knitting him that sweater I started like two years ago. The one that is almost all back to yarn cakes? Yeah, that one. We got him some swank stuff that I hope will be warm enough for the office, but um, yeah, I think a Weasly-esque thing might have fit the ticket much better for the actual weather he'll be seeing (through the office window, I hope).

That brings us to yesterday...which was just lots of running limping (dr.'s appt. tmrw!) around and getting paper from one end of the office to the other...yeah stuff happened in the middle, but when I look at my job from an outsider's perspective I just have to shake my head and drink copious amounts of caffeine.


tana said...

I laughed while reading this post. You are one funny gal! I would have made the same comment at the end of the interview, so don't feel badly. Plus, at some point during the interview I would have probably made an innocent comment that ended up sounding sexual and made everyone super uncomfortable. I have that gift.

Congrats on the second round and hopefully you'll hear back sooner than later. And may Andy have safe travels and stay warm!

Bezzie said...

Oh I don't know. Today's children are getting wider...so you might still fit into some boy clothes. I'm wearing a boy's shirt right now. I just buy "husky" sizes. Hee hee!

Good luck on getting that OT authorization job!

Beth said...

Yea, what is it with putting out all the clothes early?! I couldn't believe it when I saw swimsuits in Kohl's a few weeks ago. Maybe they were there for anybody going on a cruise or something.

I'm glad the interview went well!