Monday, January 05, 2009

Does It Count If We Celebrated with a Meal Out?

Happy Twelfth Night, um eve? Or is this the actual night tonight? I always get those confused. (Mexico celebrates Noche Buena January 6th, but I suppose we could start counting from midnight be on the same page as you Epiphany/twelfth night-ers.)

Whatevers, party on peeps! I am going to bed.

Yes, I know it is but 9:06 PM. I know I didn't even try to make a King Cake/Rosca de Reyes to take to work tomorrow...yeah, I'd been thinking about it. I suppose, technically, I can still get away with making something tomorrow evening to have with my messican hot chocolate and take the rest in to work a day late/dollar short, I'm pretty sure no one will reject the baked goods on the counter just because it's no longer Epiphany or whatnot. Ah, this is the freedom of simply using all these extra celebratory-type days as excuses for even more sugar.

Oh sugar...I've just been asked to cut back. Yep, today was my dreaded yearly where I got some good advice about how to lower my triglyceride levels but, sniff, if I want my Kings Cake, there's gonna have to be some trade offs at Casa de Tactless... You know, no Kahlua Fudge that L made lurking about or yummy 'nana muffins or homemade chocolate covered marshmallows that C & J left me if I want that cake... We're a big girl now and must learn...sigh...moderation.

Well, I guess I'm starting by moderating how much time I am awake. I seriously can't keep my eyes open. Say "hey" to Balthazar for me, 'kay? Tell him mine's the boys size 6.5 gray Vans sneaker by the hat stand.


Bezzie said...

Oog. Moderation sucks! Hang in there!

I've been waiting for today to take my xmas lights down. I'm just lazy, but I'll pretend I'm into Ephphany when it works for me ;-)

Beth said...

Moderation - what's that? I'm not familiary with that word.

We still have our Christmas stuff up, but mostly because I haven't gotten to it yet. But I did tell my daughter last night that we can't turn the lights on anymore. :)

hoperu said...

At the office I used to work at, we had king cake at least once a week right up to Ash Wednesday. No harm in that!

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