Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally...and Pre-Coffee Humor

Don't you just love it when blogger reboots itself and you have what look like 200 new posts that are all about year+ old?

Yeah, me too. Moving on:

Hey look! I did knit something!

Details...Um... "Ripples" Socks from Sockamania's December 2007 Sock of the month pattern. Yes,  I sure did start these back in December of 2007.  I think I may have blogged about them but socks that take over a year for me to knit are not the proudest of things for me to shout about...

Although, that was when the tendon damage came about and there was no knitting and much lamenting and on and on and on and now they're done (well, drying...I kinda couldn't wait to take a picture and post long in the making).

They are for my mom, made of Panda bamboo...and um...cotton?  On US2's.  I'm becoming quite the fan of the decoration of the sock only being on the leg.  I did it for the boys and the baby socks and now my mom's socks...but it is rather mindless and you have to be extra careful about that whole laddering issue...

What else can I say?  I have no notes and can't find the pattern anymore...bad knitter.


Okay, pre coffee humor (i.e. probably only hilarious to me because I was so not awake):

So Andy and T went snowboarding this morning.  Apparently the appointed time to leave had been 7 or 8AM when they last spoke yesterday.

This morning at 5:30 T changed plans and said they should go now as he couldn't sleep anymore.  I'd already gotten up (early bird gets the limited parking on big meeting it were).  But Andy as zombie boy was ripped away from sleep and was rushing around to get his act together.  It's still brutally early when he's finally all set and is so not awake as he almost dials a friend in Vegas at a little after 6AM so I stand close ready to punch the big red button on his iPhone if need be and manages to call Tim.

"Where are you?" asks Andy.
In a total deadpan voice you can hear T, "Parked behind your car."  
As Andy hangs up he adds, in the same deadpan voice, "Watching you."  

It was a "you had to be there" moment but I swear it was so much a "The-call-was-coming-from-inside-the-house" moment that I just had to share.

I know, I'm a dork.


Bezzie said...

Hee hee. "It's coming from inside the house!"

I like the socks. If you blogged about them before, I have forgotten. I didn't realize Panda came in such saturated colors..I've only seen people knit the pastel-y yarns.

tana said...

Okay, I thought that was funny - it's not just you. The socks are lovely. Panda is such nice yarn. Any news on the job?