Thursday, January 01, 2009

Better Living Through Chemistry...

So I know you all are dying to know how I spent my New Year's Eve, right?

Right. Or maybe just, ri-i-i-ight.

If we stretch the genre a bit, we can call it a science-fiction-double-feature-picture-show. If it hadn't been for Andy's Netflix, you know I'da joined the thousands out there watching The Sound of Music followed by some quick channel surfing ( I only get 2 stations...) to find the ball dropping/a televised count-down show as is the New Year's Eve thing to do... Even Network tee vee has quirky traditions.

So the plan was for me to stay entertained/up long enough to walk the block+ to Gas Works at just before midnight and watch the Space Needle fireworks from there...and no, my sinus headache never went away. I was sad and pathetic and fell asleep halfway through the commentary for Logan's Run. Yes, that Logan's Run. Andy and I had watched the actual movie the other night and were super curious as to what the folks behind the movie had to say for themselves, especially the costume guy... Apparently there is only so much of Michael York spouting on and on and on about the magic that is acting and movie making, that I can take.

But I hit a second wind or something when Andy made Johnny Depp appear on the screen. Had there not been the need to remind/relay/clear up the plot points (or lack there of) for Pirates of the Caribean 3, I might have dozed off again. Yes, that's right, I was so sick last night that even Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow (one of my most favorite characters for him) could not keep me from succumbing to that sleep your body makes you have when you hurt just that much.

About 10 minutes before midnight I realized there was no way that I could a) get off the couch without having my head explode out of my eardrums, b) if I succeeded in standing up, bending over to put on my shoes without causing my eyes to pop out of my head from the pressure, c) convince anyone else to put on all the coats, scarves, and hats necessary to go out and stand in the windy sprinkly rain to catch some fireworks.

So I closed my eyes and listened to Captain Barbosa speak pie-rate talk, argh! And some time past midnight realized it was no longer 2008.

I know, you are so very jealous of me at this point.

Today I souped up on Alieve and Sudafed and was able to get most of my chores done before they wore off and left me feeling like death warmed over. But they did the trick. The apartment is pretty much clean! My desk is as organized as it's going to get! My papers are semi-filed! I even balanced one bank account! So that, yey! I can pay bills tomorrow. Good lord, someone kill me now before I bore someone to death.

Anyway, I'm on just the pain killer (Alieve/naproxin sodium) right now and I think I'll be able to skip taking anything else before collapsing into bed...what a way to spend my first day of '09, I know. Bodes well for me, I'm sure...were I superstitious and such. Oh wait, I am, damn it all.

I hoped everyone else partied hard so I can live vicariously though you.


Beth said...

Good job getting cleaned up and organized! I just dedicated a whole post to my address book so I didn't think this was boring at all. :) But I am sorry that you are still feeling so ill. Hopefully today will be better!

tana said...

Your evening was more interesting than mine. Now who's jealous of whom? :) Happy new year and get better soon!

erin said...

It looked like it was pouring outside around midnight... good thing you didn't go out, you'd have pneumonia!

Hope you are feeling better today.