Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Out of It

I have all these plans for posts and updates and such...and they just aren't happening.

I have the lamest of excuses for today, at least...the batteries in Andy's camera are dead.

We go to Costco once in a million years for such staples as sugar, coffee, and of course TP, but we just never remember such silly things as BATTERIES for all the power-hungry devices that seem to abound in the apartment.

"So what about your fancy new military-grade phone with the camera?" You say? Derher, (in my best WB B-Bunny embarrassed voice) I forgotted to charge it and it is dead this one morning when I am up early enough to play with picture-taking and a couple things I wanted to document before I lose the notes I used to make them...

I am so good like that.

Aside from all this techno-lameness...I can't seem to get my act together enough lately to reply to emails, much less post something that is not whining or ranting or excuses...I think it's that time of year...or maybe the sun sucked out my brain.

See, Friday? Winter arrived. Seriously we went from 80 degrees and sunny to 60 and overcast. It kinda threw me. Saturday it POURED. Sunday I got my "traveler's cold." You know, when you go visit home/abroad/someplace else and on the third day you feel not-so-well and maybe a little sniffly and it's because your body is like "CURSE YOU FOR MAKING ME LEAVE HOME!" or something?

Yeah, only I hadn't gone anywhere. I shared with Andy the feeling that we'd been magically transported from like Hawai'i (seriously, we were having AWESOME weather) to Mordor ("It's still dark, Sam. It's always dark here, sir.") and he agreed with my "We're not in Kansas anymore" feeling.

We'd been sucked into the twilight zone. I wish.

Whatever magical weather we'd been having is gone gone gone and it took my ability to cope and get well and be organized with it...cuz lord do my joints ache and remember that little bicycle accident I just had??? Right. Cold weather is not conducive to healing. Make a note.

Urgh...all I want to do is sleep...I think I was a bear (or a hamster) in a past life...hibernation is such the way to go.


Bezzie said...

They have teddy bear hamsters right? That's a good hybrid.

I've got the same damn cold. And beware of those Costco batteries. They put them in the most obscure part of the store here. Drives me nuts looking for them each time.

And you're right about the CYA from my post--another reason I could never be a lawyer, that crap doesn't occur to me!

rita said...

Amen, sister! Bring on summer!

Olga said...

I think it's abit of a trama to the body to go from warmth into frigid temps all at once. I'm still hating winter and it's almost on top on me!!! I like the description of it being Mordor, think I'll start calling it that!