Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Non-Sequetors.../Bullet-point Posting

- No, your eyes are not deceiving you, it is indeed 4 in the AM and I'm awake and blogging about not being asleep. This must be the opposite to that whole "can't wake up" problem I was having last month. The universe has a weird/nasty/evil way of averaging everything out, it would seem. But yeah, 3 AM rolled around and BAM! Wide awake. Oh what fun.

- Thanks to all the headache-well-wishers! I am so thankful it was a Friday and the office is not-so-busy then and maybe I scared off a whole lot of possible queries with the absolutely gruesome look on my face. I now understand that whole "Miss looks angry" whisper my students had about me...I caught a glimpse of it as I went into the bathroom. It was a total, "DUDE! Is that really what I look like!" Moment. The crescendo of the throbbing and aching was at about quitting time though. I want to blame the weather, but WE HAD SUN that afternoon and as miserable as I felt, I thought I could happily suffer if I could just feel a ray of afternoon sun on my arm one last time before the cloudiness of winter hit us...

- Yes, it's happened. I've started appreciating that great ball of gas that burns me within minutes of my going outside, that has given me too many freckles as well as early wrinkles (2 years on a sailboat/4 years in the tropics is so not good for your complexion, le'me tell ya'). It was a sunny, crisp day yesterday but the brightness and the colors...I was so happy! I'm told winter will be back by Friday.

- Mental note to self: Find out the UW football schedule. It will make for easier decisions as to which grocery store to go to. I felt like WWIII had hit and I was the last to know, standing in the bread section of the store, shelves almost completely empty, people scurrying everywhere, grocers rushing around trying to restock fruits and cheeses and the longest line in the world in front of the deli counter.

-It made for an easy-time going out to dinner in Fremont though! The streets were EMPTY. The restaurant wait was so minimal we'd hardly started sipping at our fru fru drinks in the "over 21" section. Yep, knowing when the home games are might make for easier weekends.

- Andy has started looking out for you all...I have this knack for giving away knitted things without photographic proof of their ever existing. Not that I need a picture to prove to myself it happened...not when I've marked up a pattern within an inch of it's life. But when it's baby socks I created from scratch? As my friends' baby modeled them for the first (and only...) time, Andy snapped a picture with his itoy. If it weren't 4:30 AM I'd be asking for a copy to post right now...

- No, LLB (L&L's Baby) is not allergic to wool...she just grew faster than I anticipated. The good thing is that it her feet are only a half an inch longer than they used to be and I'd made the socks bigger than I thought I had. Hence her ability to wear them, once :). The joy about baby socks though is that they are SO SMALL! I can whip another pair out in a couple of hours! (Okay, yeah, this is me we're talking about so more like days...the theory remains the same, smaller socks on US1 needles are WAY easier than say socks for her dad.) I'll post about them as soon as I can. I also have a hat and a couple adult pairs of socks to show off...yeah, maybe I've been a little busy lately. Which leads me to...

- Sitting on my ass all day is not conducive to my happiness...unless knitting is involved. This accounting job is pretty much my first desk job, EVER. I mean, yeah, I've had jobs that required desk time and computer work, but you were also scouring bookshelves for patrons, pulling government documents to verify the data entry, filing patient charts and showing them to their rooms. I've never sat in front of a computer for four-hour stretches staring at spreadsheets and dealing with mystery invoices. What with my recent injuries, it seems that if I don't move every ten minutes my joints become fused. Yes, I AM that lady that took FOR-EV-ER to get up and move out of the table you were waiting for. Dinner with friends at a crowded restaurant is not the best place to keep getting up to stretch, afterall.

Hmmm, 5:09 and all is well...I think I'll go get ready for work. If I go in early enough I might be able to sneak out before I totally crash. Four hours of sleep is so not helpful to my or my coworkers' sanity.


Rick Andreoli said...

Sorry to hear about the insomnia... Ironically, I used your wedding gift this morning to help keep me awake.

Thanks for that! Make sure to email me your post address, would you please???

Bezzie said...

Well I can say I was up when you were up...getting ready for work. Gotta love 3 hour time differences. ;-)

Oog. College football home games. I so don't miss that!

Anonymous said...

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