Friday, September 26, 2008

Headache Mutterings

I need a vacation from my body. I feel like I'm in a very bad relationship, WITH MYSELF.

Okay, so you all know there must be something seriously wrong with me that I'm blogging during a headache of increasingly massive know the kind that strikes behind your left eye and the only relief is either pressure on the eye (which will break off more cones and rods and cause more of those damned floaty things when you least need them to be there) or squinting a la Popeye and don't you feel so sexy and cool doing that? But yeah, I had to share.

So here's the thing, I am admitting defeat to the universe:

Fine, I am hurt far worse than I wanted to admit. So you can stop with the damp cold mornings that make my right side feel like I've been kicked all night! That make my shoulders feel like I've been carrying the world on them for far too long! That make my sinuses go screwy and make my teeth hurt!

I am not invincible.


What's super crazy is that I went out an bought myself a Costco-sized bottle of Naproxen Sodium and took one of those horse-pills this morning as my right side did not want to cooperate for neither love nor money (I tell ya' BAD relationship).

So as I arrive at work and am noticing, yeah, hey, I can get out of the car and the "rocks in the joints" feeling is almost gone...I notice the headache I've had all along. No really, I knew it was there, but I always have a headache, it is so much a part of me I rarely notice them until my eyes and sinuses come into play. But dude, my body hurt so much that I couldn't even TELL I had such a massive headache until the pains started to settle down...

Dude, my body hateses me.

Here is a picture Andy sent me from his iPhone back when there was still sun out...I miss the sun. For all you non-Seattleites, that space needle is just visible on the right-hand side. This would be the park I live 1 block away from. But no jealousy please, it's not like this is my view...I get to stare at the UW lab that is "touching" distance from my HUGE picture window. Seriously now, they do not need to see me as much as I don't need to see them. Someone in planning better have been fired.


rita said...

Wow, you must have really been hurting not to notice that headache! I hope it stops fast.

Kaye said...

You need to take an early retirment to a warm climate!

tana said...

I, a Western Washingtonian, completely understand the sadness that comes when the sun goes back into hiding after shining off and on for three weeks. Three weeks out of fifty-two.

And I am so sorry that you are experiencing such pain. I hope your body heals quickly and that you get the rest you need.