Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burying the Hate, One Post at a Time

At times like yesterday, I'm so glad my blog is not a popular one. An honest rant is hard when you know your boss might be reading.

And maybe your mom too... Well, actually, I dunno, if my mom was reading my blog it'd go one way or the other...either she'd stop worrying about me so much...or she'd never stop. We never did mesh well. Our personalities clash pretty hard core when we get right down to it. So she worries that I will end up in major trouble/accidents/situations for the simple reason that my thoughts and reasonings and decisions are so WAAAAAAYYYY not anything like hers.

Although she did agree that it might be a good thing to not have all her eggs in one basket with regards to banking. What with the recent fiscal implosion we're having, my willy-nilly collection of bank accounts doesn't seem so freaky now, eh?

No, not gloating. Actually kinda sad that my paranoia was not. (It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you!)

Anyway, what a glum topic I've chosen for today....let's think happier thoughts.

Like the fact I took a one and a half hour lunch yesterday with a co-worker I haven't seen for months :). So very decadent and I feel no guilt. Not after the last week where 10 hour days were the norm. (It goes to show that I am also correct in the assumption that I should never be sick or miss work. Damn you Calvinist work ethic instilled by my forefathers! Or something.)

We had yummy (yet maybe a bit spicy) messican food that put me in such a happy place. It also reminded me that I'll be down in LA in November and must get some more recipes from my mom. Or at least make something with her supervising so I can glean more from her knowledge.

And on the topic of food? Is it sad that I can't wait for my friend's child to be old enough so that if I babysit I can have "kid food" in my house? Cuz I will not lie to you blogiverse, I just ate a bowl of Lucky Charms for my uber healthy breakfast. (I did add a dying banana to it.) But I get this super guilty feeling at the grocery store whenever I indulge in my need for a "kid" everyone is looking at me and saying, "That one? She doesn't HAVE kids, what is she buying THAT for!"

I know, I know, I have issues.

On that note, I have to run...and even though he said he never reads my blog:


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Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I've got a collection of bank accounts like that too. One in at least three different states now!

Shoot, buy the kid food. I used to buy Gerber Rice Cereal for babies before I had Chunky because it's so damn delish!