Monday, September 01, 2008

One Day at a Time

The best description of me on Thursday? STIR CRAZY.

I'd convinced myself I no longer hurt (as long as there was 800mg of Ibuprophen at hand) by Wednesday night.

All day Thursday I was surly and depressed and just really pissed about the accident and the bruises and being 34 and healing so slowly and grrr, life in general.

So yeah, I defied all that was sacred (approved sick leave) and went in to work. I have a desk job! It's not like I have to carry 50 lb boxes around all day! I was slow but I got work done. I'd only planned on spending half a day there...but umm, yeah, what would have taken me a couple hours to do on say, BEFORE Monday night? Took me all day. A lot of my time was spent figuring out how to get out of my chair without hurting myself.

Yes, I know I am stubborn and hard-headed. I blame my father...and maybe my mom too.

I woke up kinda sore on Saturday morning but shook it off...then after coming back from lunch? Yeah, I WALKED to Fremont and back...I know, I should have "dumb ass" tattooed to my right, after getting back to the apartment? I collapsed and slept for the rest of the day. I barely remember Sunday...there was a lot of sleeping and watching Season 1 of Buffy the Vampyre Slayer on Hulu.

And today? All I can say is thank the gods of Cobal today is a holiday.

I admit defeat. I am not invincible. If work has okay'd the time off, I am a fool not to take advantage of it--ALL of it. Sleep = healing, and if I notice that my body is craving more than the 6 hours I usually need? I should not ignore it.

Kick me if I do.


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, I can't scold you, I would have done the same thing!

tana said...

It's hard to sit on your butt for days on end when you're used to being up and about and active. My grandfather just had a heart attack and OHS and we're worried that he won't take it easy so that he can heal. He's a busy bee that one. And I don't think he likes Buffy.

I hope you take it easy and let yourself heal. Embrace 34 - we might heal slower but we also do a lot less dumb shit than we used to, so it's a trade off.