Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Green Beanie, A Pattern!

Brought to you by the letter V, and the number Emergency Room Inspiration
What do you do when you are stuck in an emergency room high on vicodine for 6 hours? That's right, write up the pattern to a hat, among other doodles that I discovered as I flipped through my agenda this morning.

Nope, do not recall doing this. Yep, simply typing what I scribbled. I'd scan the page but um, yeah, no one needs to see what my chicken scratch devolves into near the end. (Could this be the ritual apology iffin' there are blaring errors and such? Ya sure, you betcha!)

Yarn: I used brown sheep superwash chunky in um, pine something for the main color, and a few yards of doubled up superwash worsted in lichen (or something) for the contrasting color.

Needles: US 10.5 (circular would be nice...I only have DPNs), US 10 ( Circ if you have it. Again, I don't.)

Using the bigger needles, Cast On.
Join carefully (insert "do not twist" caution here. I hate that caution. But you know that as soon as it is not included, I will twist before joining, I am good like that.)

Using smaller needles, knit in in the round using plain stitch/stockinette/the first stitch you ever learned FOR DAYS. I wanted the band to be big enough to cover the entire ear of a young child, so I made it as long as the length of my ear. (Couple/3-inches maybe?)

Purl one row.

Switch to 10.5s and knit for a few inches more.

Switch to CC color for 1 round.
2nd round, (Slip 1 (CC) knit 1 with main color) repeating the stuff inside the ()s to end of the round, cutting CC yarn, you won't need it anymore unless you want to get fancy with your own designs.
Third round, Knit using main color again.

WEAVE IN ENDS of CC YARN RIGHT NOW. You won't see them again after the next bit.

Next row or two, or when you can fold the ring and the two edges match up, leave the soon-to-become-hem of the hat folded and knit into your live stitch as well as the cast-on row behind it.

See ma? No ends! All that CC stuff/ends are now hidden in the fold/hem.

Keep knitting until you have 5, 5.5, 6, whatever depth you prefer from purl row/edge to needles.

Begin decreases: (repeat the stuff between **'s to end of round)
*K8, k2 tog*
Knit next round
*K7, k2 tog*
knit next round (If you were using circular needles, switch to the DPNs about now, maybe sooner.)
*K6, K2 tog*
*K5, K2 tog*
*K4, K2 tog* (you get the decreasing pattern?) Keep going knitting 1 less until only a few stitches remain, or you can't juggle the too few stitches on the big DPNs, measure out about a yard of yarn and go ahead and cut it from the ball; stick the end in a darning needle and run through your stitches a couple of times to close out the hole at the top.

Weave anything remaining.

Block and send off to your favorite cold-headed child.

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Bezzie said...

And the perfect man hat to boot! (Well not while it's on their head...ha ha)