Thursday, May 22, 2008

When the Lights Go Out...

I don't know what Oingo Boingo had in mind when their lights go out (okay, I'm being facetious here), but when the lights go out, while I'm in the middle of marinading chicken? There was no fun to be had.

A transformer blew.

No blogging.

No knitting.

No reading.

No reruns of Lost ( how I lurv your ability to distract me from my day).

The only thing that kept me from totally throwing in the towel was the fact that there are three different um, grids? lines? transformers maybe? that feed the building's 'lectricity. One of them being in my kitchen where the fridge, coffee maker, and microwave plugged in. So while I could make you a cup of coffee nuke you some nonexistent left-overs, or feed you ice cream by glorious fat IKEAcandles candlelight? I could not cook my chicken on the electric stove or take a shower thanks to the electric hot water heater. If the temperatures dropped I'd have had to grin and bear it and put on more clothes as it's all electric baybee, even the fake fire place.

Nothing like losing the light juice to survey just how pathetic your life can get without it.

I would share a picture, but all you'd see is a black square (I was freaked out that the coffee maker and microwave were telling me what time it was in the dark kitchen so I thought--I'll take a picture and send it to Andy so he can tell me what's going on---before remembering that computers require lekeltricity as well...urgh).

The joys of living in a city though, we got power back at 3 AM--sorry about forgetting I'd turned on your bedside lamp, Andy!

Yey warm showers in the AM, but I am so completely thrown off my schedule...Funny how a little darkness can do that.


Bezzie said...

Yeah it's hard to be an electricity junkie.

tana said...

I hate when the power goes out. If there's a hint of breeze, I get out all of the flashlights and headlamps (yes, we have headlamps) and candles because we're lucky enough to live with the weakest transformer ever. Transformers, more than meets the eye! NOT!) We're the first ones to lose power and the last ones to get it back. I hate windy weather.

rita said...

I hate it when the electricity goes out. It used to all the time when I lived in Virginia, but now that I live on a mountainside in West Virginia, it rarely goes out. Go figure.

Now watch it be out all weekend.