Monday, May 19, 2008

Ah, All Caught Up...

Okay, nobody post for a few hours, all right?

I finally caught up with my bloglines for the last week...and change. I am definitely getting better with my responsibilities when it comes to closing out the month at work, except, of course, when co-workers feel that it's the perfect time to go on vacation! What balls. Brass ones. With chimes, like those cool Baoding Balls I used to have in college...and what ever happened to them??? Of all the things I've lost thus far...I really do miss my mind the most.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, complaining and whining and all that jazz. Andy tells me that if it weren't for that horrific co-worker, it'd just be something else I'd have to find contention with. I am a drama magnet, apparently. What fun! Is that my super-power? I'll pass, thanks.

Instead I'll talk about my one and only FO for really! I went back and checked; the last time I posted finished pictures of anything was back in January, and they were xmas prezzies for L&L that were delivered before they went off to celebrate with their families. So yeah, 5 months in the making, my first Finished Object of the year. I give you:
Socks for Andy!
Okay, so that's not Andy modeling them. He was, ahem, too busy playing Grand Theft Auto IV doing more important things than humoring my foot picture taking tendencies at the tail end of a very long Monday.

I don't blame him. It may only be just shy of 70 degrees,(at 9 PM) but it's almost 70% humidity, and if you asked me to put on wool socks in this weather just so you could show the pictures to your invisible internet friends? Right, as much as I love you, so not gonna happen.

It's been so long since I posted a finished project I almost forgot about the stats and stuff:

YARN: Lorna's Laces in Safari, which is also the exact same yarn/color scheme I made his first hat out of, with my never-ending bits of Charcoal at the ends for some symmetry. So now if Andy wants to wear both knitted objects at once, at least he will match :).

SHARP POINTY THINGS: US 1 cheapy metal DPNS that I've started to bend thanks to my uber-tight knitting prowess! Oops.

PATTERN: One I've knit 3xs, it would seem. Garter Ribbed Sock from Sensational Knitted Socks. I cast on 80 stitches and kept my fingers crossed. Both Lev and Andy have what I would call skinny-ish legs (compared to mine) but DA-UMN do they have these HUMUNGO ankle bones! So yeah, it was a close call both (all four?) times. I did mention my uber-tight knitting habit, yes? I'm working on that. Obviously I left the pattern stitch behind at the ankle and immensely enjoyed the ringing pattern (so easily amused). Why mess with what works.

If I knit these again? I mean like socks for people who wear size 13 shoes? Shoot me. I will remember to maybe use US3 needles or larger. Then maybe it won't be 5 months between finished object sightings, maybe?

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Bezzie said...

Nice socks. Men and their socks. Who would have thought they'd be so complicated to knit?