Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Email Makes You Lazy

I cannot believe I just had 5 different "conversations" with people ON MY FLOOR via email.  Has it really come down to our having "so much" to do that we can't even take the time to walk down the hall?  But I guess it would, what with salutations, minor chit chat about how everything is going...then getting to the question...or do people even bother with pleasantries anymore?

Sorry, is my age showing?


Bezzie said...

Dude, I email my boss--I sit right outside his office, not even 500 ft. away all the time. Mine's more of a CYA so I can go back later and prove him wrong with an email trail if he trys to say I never informed him of something ;-)

Olga said...

My husband IM's the lady in the desk next to him. They talk about the other people so they won't know they are. What do you mean grow up?