Friday, May 30, 2008

Camera Shy

So I got a random email on my tactless account that doesn't seem like spam as they mentioned reading my blog (and liking it even), but I don't know this person and it looks like an anonymous emailer with no real history on the interwebs (it really does help that I was surrounded by the nicest of computer geeks for many years) and really I'm cool with that. It's not like I've posted my name address and serial number on this blog or anything.

It's also not like they've asked me to send them a naughty picture.

Instead this person (since they didn't use the comment section of the blog I'm guessing they are not as outspoken as I/me and so I'll keep their anonymity as well) asked why I go hog wild about posting other peoples' pictures, but they can't find one of me on my blog.

Um, I'm really shy?

Okay, maybe in real life I giggle so much through my first conversation with you that you'll think I was on happy gas just before our meeting, but on the web? Yeah, I kinda "bare all" a little too much to be considered shy. But maybe only having my backside facing the world (my profile picture) gives me that freedom. It's the bartender/stranger syndrome. Only with millions of possible bartenders/strangers.

Besides, if I can't see you, it's only fair, right?

By the way, that is NOT an invitation to send me your picture.
-Naughty or nice :).


Olga said...

Shoot. and I had a good one of me on a bearskin rug too.

Bezzie said...

You never have seen what's below the curlers...

tana said...

That would creep me out just a little bit that some Anonymous asked why I don't post my pic on my blog via email. That person is either truly creepy, or, just doesn't understand blogotics. That's because I'm slightly paranoid and I don't trust people generally speaking, but especially those who want to remain nameless while asking me for my face.