Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Once Upon a Time Before the Rain Began..."

from "Tom's Diner" the a' capella version -Suzanne Vega

So when you have your music collection on iTunes set to shuffle, you know there is something just a little off with their "highly evolved" algorithm when "Whatcha Want" by the Beastie Boyz follows dark and dower Suzanne Vega...but then again, maybe the computer sensed that tonight was just not the night for me to dwell on the negative. I love the "angst" and "anger" of those white boys rappin'. It brings such a smile to my face just when I needed it the most.


This weekend has been a bit trying, on the inside. It is hard to be all festive for Messican mom's day (10 de mayo) when I have to be reminded of my misspent youth. See, Saturday was my 3rd 4th(!) Unanniversary. Edited to add: Oh what a chuckle I had this morning in the shower -- more proof that I need a new palm pilot if I can't even keep my miserable memories straight...

I know, I know, and yes, I can hear you all now (Ken, Kiko, Andy...maybe even Richard, though I did spend my 1st with you), I need to move on and not dwell on the past here, but um, yeah, I'm obviously not listening...Damn me with a thousand deaths, be ye not stupid and consider me the cautionary tale...etc, et al; doubling up such things like anniversaries with hallmark holidays? Especially one you will celebrate for, say your mom, cuz she's messican, and your mom? Not the brightest thing I've ever done.

So, yeah, until I'm over feeling stupid for myself, this will be a hard time for me. Ce la vi. This is what my vast collection of 80s alternative music is perfect for.

MJ reminded me in her response to US mom's day that this time last year we were in I went back and reread my harried and discombubilated entries (I am lazy and linked to my May 07 archive, just scroll down a bit) and dude! I think I need to travel more! My posts are so much more entertaining when I'm not wallowing in my own personal misery!

Aaauuuummmm, have a temple:

Hmmm, must take my own advice soon. Even if it's just traveling around Seattle. I do have my trip to the mall to relate...but I'll save that for when I'm not listening to such favorites as "Doot Doot" by Freur and dwelling on the negative.

I shall end on a happier note a there's still an hour and a half until the date changes:


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