Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Explosions In the Sky

I should have made Andy bet me that there'd be no fireworks, I'd have made at least a nickel in this new year already!

If you are fond of fireworks, living by Gasworks Park is key. People of all sorts ignoring the wee bitty fact that the park closes at 11:30 PM is most excellent. We got a clear view of the needle in all it's red, gold, and green glory. (Yes, yes, I do happen to have "Karma Chameleon" stuck in my head, why do you ask?) Doped up on Sudafed and Advil for the last two days, I was finally able to stand the size of my head long enough to wander out into the dark and follow the buzzing and excited voices to the park. Sparklers and those zippy semi-illegal fireworks filled the void of the needle. There must have been technical difficulties, but as no one actually brought a radio to fill in the commentary, the world may never know.

Let me add this tangent, have any of you ever been stuck in a QFC (Quality Food Center)/Market doped up on Sudafed and Advil? My god, the horror. We had a moment of panic in the dairy section as I desperately tried to remember in which of the eleventy-million pockets of my jacket I'd stuck the sacred shopping list. Why I was allowed control of the cart I don't know. However, if I hadn't of had the cart to support me, I might have taken a nap in the produce section. Then, just as checkout time appeared, oh curses on you over-the-counter ibuprofen, running out on me that way, leaving me to suffer a pounding headache as I heard the incessant "BEEPING" of the checking out procedure....It's no wonder I spent the rest of the evening glued to the couch wondering why my head was three times too large, and very very tender.

Right, so who all spent the night before new year's eve watching "The Sound of Music" on TV? It was all scrunched and grainy and so nostalgic I couldn't resist. But maybe it was the Sudafed. I couldn't tell if I felt like an old lady as I sat knitting on the couch humming along to "My Favorite Things" or if I felt like a little kid as I remembered all the sexist lyrics to "I am Sixteen Going on 20" (or whatever it's called.) I'll tell you where you can stick that haughty, "I-I'll take ca-are of yoooou," Rolf. I never liked him, what a, a, well, a Nazi, actually.

If that wasn't exciting enough, how many of you took your blood pressure this morning to make sure all the decongestant wasn't causing you to have blood pressure problems? I know, I am so hip and cool that I own my own BP reader. Shall I just have DORK tattooed across my forehead now, or later? (110/75 BTW, so I'm doing okay, for now.)

Right, so it's much closer to 2 AM than I've seen in a rather long time, and I'm using words like "rather" as maybe I had a couple glasses of sparkly stuff.

Happy New Year!
I hope you got to see/hear fireworks where you are and that they weren't gunshots (I so do not miss LA with regards to that "feature" of my neighborhood).

I resolve to take some pictures of my knitting, possibly as soon as tomorrow. But that's as far as my list has gotten...Though I have been thinking of like writing letters to people, but haven't resolved to do so yet. You know how it goes.

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Beth said...

Happy New Year! I never saw fireworks for New Year's Eve until we moved to the south. I guess it was too cold to set them off up north. My dog goes bonkers when they start. :) Hope you start feeling better soon!