Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is it about Wednesdays?

Or maybe I should say Tuesday nights? Or maybe it's just my life right now.

-How random is it that when you think/talk of things the night before, suddenly the next day the same things are presented to you... That doesn't sound too about concrete examples?

Just last night Andy and I and a bottle of South African wine were conversing about the motivation/lack there of that we have when it comes to things we want/can/don't have the energy to do in the span of our days. I waxed poetically about my brain-dead job. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, more than I can say! But really, when it comes down to it? Trained monkeys could do 90% of it, really. In 10 years when technology makes smart scanners that can fill in simple forms accurately, I'll be saying hello to the unemployment line at the federal building, or wherever one goes for that...

Anyhow, the lack of firing synapses during the day means I come home and I am starving for such things as reading the news (we have 3 channels of tee vee...most gnus is read gnus on the internets), do math for a sweater, come up with presents for small fries, read something other than easy escapist fiction. (Yes Ms, LizBeth, I even picked up a Brit.Lit.Theory book in my last foray into the used bookstore in Fremont; kisses to the wee one.)

So how do you think I felt this AM when I found out that my boss-guys have been talking behind my back? They want to shift my brain-dead work to someone else, and, sniff, give me things that involve such things as, eep, THINKING. It's like they have plans for me or something, I dunno.

It's all talk for now, but you know how talk turns into action eventually. Le sigh, my days of mindless work are numbered...

So if that were the only thing? Then I too would be spouting the coincidence tack. And yet, there is more.

In my travels on the internet, I received word of knitted mouse creatures...Like I need another project...but that led me to think about people with cats, and that one went to thinking out one particular cat that I think quite handsome, and his owner who works in my building but I've only shared about 3 words with her since her house-warming party back before turkey day. You'd think we worked in a 100-story building, with me in the basement and her in the top floors or something (They usually hide accounting somewhere obscure...though I suppose I was on the 39th floor of the Columbia Tower that one gig...where was I?) Right, so I wondered how she was doing. Then, BAM, this morning? An email from her. Granted it was a group email, but still, weirdness prevails.

Am I calling these things into being? Ah the power...Maybe I should start talking to people about how the levels in the Accounting department need to be reevaluated (so that salaries too can be updated, you see...).

And totally off it me, or are the chocolate chips they're putting into trail mix these days just totally too big to be real? (These are the moments I wonder if a cell phone with camera isn't that silly a thing), cuz these "chips" are bigger than brazil nuts! Crazy...Did one of you do that???


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Bezzie said...

Everytime I have those trail-mix-chocolate-chip moments I wish I wasn't so cheap and could buy a cell phone with a camera too.

Good luck with the job. It's a catch-22 isn't it? You do a good job, so they reward you with--oh boy!--more work!