Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knitting Much?

So, you'd think I would have used today's rare showing of sunlight to take pictures of those finished items I mentioned, oh I dunno, a few weeks ago?

No, no, no. Of course not. A nap was far more important. Besides, I gave away a few things before the sunlight showed all I have is a last minute, just before wrapping picture that I made Andy take (doesn't he just look so very happy to be alive? What a trooper.):
Right, from top to bottom...or shoulder to hands?
A pair "Mitts of the Dystopian Future," on each shoulder, and "Gwen's Scarf" around his neck made from Lambs Pride Superwash in Lichen for "L." Made on US 7s & 8s. For matchiness I put the same mistake rib that's on the wrist bit of the mitts at the ends of the scarf.

Then we have Lev's socks. Finally. It took me months to break down and deal with the kitchnering...and then there were all the ends...urgh...see, I used the bits and pieces and leftovers to make the black and grey one. Unmatched as he likes 'em in Lorna's Laces Pinstripe, Safari, and Charcoal; for contrasting on toes, heels, and tops. I used garter rib on the leg, plane knitting for days and days and days on the foot. US 1 needles, yipes, took FOR-EV-ER.

Don't they look so itty bitty in Andy's hands? Right, well, they are miles long in the foot area. Which is great practice as Andy would like his own pair to model...urgh. I need to figure out how to bend space and time and knit it into a pair of socks so that the foot length can be a mere 10 rows in my universe, but as long or as wide as they need to be in their universes...or something. Maybe I've been reading too much science fiction lately?

I loved knitting the was so very therapeutic. J & L had to endure me pulling it out at xmas, but I couldn't help it. It was that and this one below that kept me from popping a blood vessel:
Yes, yet another "One Row (not) Handspun Scarf." This time in Noro Kureyon, in numbers I could not tell you as well, hee hee, yeah, no clue where the ball bands are...and that is frustrating cuz I just had them... The two ends are the same number, which accounts for the lovely purples. The middle actually used to be a panta that I never wore, so I reappropriated the yarn. It is super long and super warm and super comforting. When simply draped over my neck it's very much a Dr. Who scarf, coming down to my it! US 8s.

I'd forgotten how much larger needles and easy patterns can be so very healing, calming, and yet so very hard to take anywhere...not that my life has been at all conducive to travel knitting--as noted by no mention of any of the other socks (2 pairs, if you're keeping track) that have been marinating on my needles for MONTHS now.

Even so, I've started something else:
This will be heretofore known as ATTEMPT #2 at garment knitting. Or maybe it's 3? Or does the first one even count if it's been more than 4 years since attempted??? Attempt #1/2 was the sleeves to a sweater in the same yarn...but I ripped them as I could not do increases back do I count that as part of this one? Oh the dilemmas.

Whatever, this is the back to a sweater. Not for me though. A sweater for me kinda requires such things as shaping and darts and do I really have to cast on THAT many stitches for it to actually fit over my hips? Um, no thank you, I'll pass.

Not only is this my first garment, but instead of following such things as, oh I dunno, an established pattern, I'm kinda whinging it off of the closest pattern that kinda works but is still too wide and possibly too short for the intended recipient.

You know how we all complain about not being able to find clothes that fit due to thigh, waist and/or bust issues? Cuz we're too short and too short-wasted and possibly too well proportioned for the fashionistas? Lemme tell ya that the other end of the spectrum doesn't have it any easier. Multiple trips shopping with this individual and dude, I really have to wonder just who exactly they make "off the rack" clothes for...cuz even the mannequins are cinched and tucked to make things look like they could fit.


Bezzie said...

Very nice, and I like your toss it all on the model and make him pose pic!

Beth said...

Great projects! I have the same thoughts about the sweaters I knit for myself (too many stitches).