Friday, January 04, 2008

The Wonders of the USPS

This time I have nothing but love for the USPS.
(With all these mood swings, should I worry about my state of sanity? Maybe we're all a little bi-polar? Quien sabe.)

Anyhow, I really was in the most foul and grumpy mood during XMAS. You can look back if you want to, I know I don't (la la la, not going there). I was most especially mad that my family's gift box had not arrived. Next year I am so mailing off small light things throughout the month of NOVEMBER....ri-i-i-i-ight. I am just not that on-the-ball. Hello? I use a palm pilot to remind me of such things as MY birthday...le sigh.

Well, come xmas eve afternoon, they did indeed get the package and all was well, at least in regards to the USPS, in my book. Hazzah and hurray! Xmas was saved! I dunno, I promptly went and got started on some heavy fizzy drink drinking and happily put it aside in my brain.

And remember how I said I'd decided not to send out xmas cards this year? Well, for a while there I thought that maybe all of my friends and family had decided the same...cuz, um, yeah, my mantel was rather bare this year.

Again I must pipe up for the USPS! I feel like a PSA today maybe a little...but MAIL FORWARDING ROCKS!

I moved SIX months ago and went online and paid the USPS a dollar (and was maybe kinda grumpy about it at the time...A DOLLAR!?!?!) to have them forward all first class mail.

I don't know how much of my mail is still at my old residence...I should write them and thank them for not tossing stuff in the trash, but what they set out with "NO LONGER LIVING HERE" marked in big fat marker was sent to my NEW address which it I did some investigative reporting...I actually did send off to like 3 or 4 people, but um, in the rush of xmas maybe? They didn't use either...

AND YET! Here I sit happily surrounded by envelopes with yellow stickers admonishing me to get on the ball and tell everyone (including my doctor...which is weird cuz I both called that one in AND refilled the patient contact card when I was last there...) that hello! I've moved!

So instead of silly holiday cards...COMING SOON...maybe you'll find an address update postcard or something in your mailbox, sorry everyone! But I am getting your cards!

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Bezzie said...

Don't get me started on that dollar! All you really have to do is go to the PO, pick up one of their forms that they have in the lobby, fill it out and drop it in any mailbox (in any part of the country--doesn't have to be where you're living) and they'll do that mail forwarding. That dollar is bullsh*t. Nice to know they're charging for a free service they'll do otherwise.