Sunday, January 27, 2008

On the Mend, I Hope

The reality is that I really just hate being sick. This must be why my body keeps fighting whatever it is I'm not quite catching with such vehemence. It's doing it in rounds; sometimes winning the point, sometimes, um, not so much. I was so run down on Friday night that I thought that this might be it! All the signs were there! My gut was not my friend, my head, my eyes, hell, my nose was against me...I even started to feel like my skin was on fire...there was a definite ripe red rosy rash on my legs!

Then I was up and able to do my laundry Saturday morning...then...not so much...and hello! Is it really Sunday already?

Seriously, I think I really would just like to come down fully with whatever it is that's haunting me just so I can get over it completely. I'm starting to get really tired of only being kinda ill on the weekends and just mending enough to go to work on Monday and then get progressively worse until it's Friday night again and hello comfy pillows I think we'll be spending all weekend together!

Andy says I should just go on a terrible-for-me drinking and staying out all night, exhausting spree and destroy all of my defenses so I can catch whatever is slowly killing me full bore. Right, cuz that sounds like a good plan... Trouble is, I took a sip of some wine last night and I broke out head to toe in a rash so horrid I jumped into the shower too cool off. Shortly after I had to ask if it really was only Saturday night, because I could not tell how long I'd been cat-napping/dying in the bathroom/trying to focus on a sock/reading/collapsing/checking on the laundry. Hmmm, mild fever perhaps?

So, since I was stuck in bed 20 hours a day (I am so thankful I don't have anyone/thing/pet I have to be responsible for during these times), I caught up on most of my library books. The timing of my long-awaited library book could not have been better:
What a life-saver. As fun as it is to knit things in bed, when you don't have a TV, a working ipod, laptop, or a radio at can become rather dull and/or make your brain want to ooze out your ears. Just plain fun Terry Pratchett reading? Especially when you know you have a fever and yet are in denial at the same time? Lovely.

So yeah, now I'm done with it and maybe I read it too quickly...sigh.

Ah well, I think it's time for another nap anyway.


Beth said...

Wow, does wine usually do that to you?!

Bezzie said...

Oof. I feel you. I was pissed that it was *Friday* I had to get sick.