Friday, December 28, 2007

Random Thoughts for the Last Friday of the Year

1. Swiss-Cheese Bread.
What is the point?  You can't make sandwiches with it...unless you want the jelly dripping out, what fun.  It makes me seriously wonder why I go out of my way to favor the "smaller" bakery (which equals HIGHER price) if the quality is going to be just as, um unpredictable as the big (CHEAPER) boys?  Frustrating... The hole goes through almost the entire loaf, urgh.

2. Dressing for Success.
What do you think the assistant tells his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband that he actually does?  It is Friday, casual friday which can become Dilbert-frightening, especially at the end of the year on a short week where I've seen more casual than usual, he's dressed to the nines!  In my head I've already come up with a story invovling treachery and hope.  But still, today of all days when even the suits are wearing so much denim you'd think it was still the 80s, lordy, that is just too much.

3. On that note:
I used to make some serious fun of a friend of mine when he used to match his light blue denim shorts/pants with, you guessed it, a light blue t-shirt.  Black pants went with a, right, black shirt.  Wearing things that "matched" or "went together" meant exactly that, down to the same dye-lot if possible.  What is it about boys and where they get that idea?  Cuz as I sat here thinking that the aninimity factor is crumbling hard as I relay this story I stopped and said, well, not really, as I think EVERY SINGLE GUY I've ever been friends with, and maybe even including my brothers had some time with me and showing how "this" shirt might go with "those" pants, even if they aren't exactly the same shade of slate grey.

4.Cuz I can't let a topic lie once I've started to overthink it...
I think the whole clothes thing might be due to some "color-blind" issue.  Really!  They say men are more likely to be color-blind than women, right?  Just earlier this summer a couple of friends came up to visit and Andy and he took a "color-blind" test online.  Andy already knows he is color-blind, and yet, poor soul, I'll still ask him if an outfit "looks right."  But it brought out a revelation or seven to our friend.  So it makes sense in the "better-safe-than-orange-and-puce" world to pick two colors that "match" in the strictest sense of the word, right?  Work with me here.

5.I HATE Being Sick
So did you hear about the possible snow hitting Seattle sometime yesterday?  Never happened near me.  The pressure system never dropped low enough and the magic of great big bodies of water kept it freezing cold and wet, but no white.  IN MY HEAD, however, the pressure system did a number on my sinuses.  Holy mother of all that is wintery grey and dismally wet, my head feels like it's about to explode and I really don't feel like taking the maximum allowed number of ibuprophen gel caps in a 24 hour period.  Last night as I was falling asleep on the couch--too much advil does make me sleepy...hmm mayhaps my blood is too thin?--my eyelids felt as if they were wee little balloons hitting against the glass of my spectacles.  (Glass of my glasses just sounded dumb.  And really, how often do we get to say "spectacles" now-a-days, eh?)  What's worse is that I wake up okay, feeling good, "can-do" attitude, the whole deal.  By about oh, I dunno 10AM I WANT TO DIE.

--with apologies to T.S. Elliot...
This is the way the year will end,
This is the way the year will end,
Not with a bang, but a whimper....

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Beth said...

The only matching color outfits I've seen that look good to me are black on black. That look reminds me of Johnny Cash.

I hope your sinuses clear soon. That's miserable!