Monday, December 03, 2007

Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Dark of Night...

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Time and talking and a little crying do a body good, do not let people tell you that crying won't help! God, how I hated that phrase as a kid.

I'm here to say, "I am a cry baby and proud of it!"

I'd shout it from the rooftops, but it is wet and muggy like Hilo got transplanted to Seattle or something. I was fighting the urge to just go out sans rain jacket today as I ran into the same problem I faced my entire time in Hawai'i: get sopping wet from the rain, or sopping wet from the sweat of wearing too many non-breathable fabrics meant to keep the rain off.

Of course this is all relative's only about 55 degrees out there...yet, somehow, after living in Winter-is-10-months-long Kings Beach, CA, that's almost balmy! I'm sure in another year I'll have become acclimated to the mild-in-comparison weather that Seattle supposedly has...what with global warming and all.

I mean, we had our snow, was that just the day before yesterday? And now we are having a tropical storm. Nothing like nutty weather to keep you on your toes! And nothing like this weekend to be sitting around reading blogs, knitting and maybe catching up on some TV (I love having access to episodes on the wonder the writers are P.O.'d about not getting any cuts from that aspect of the shows! There may not be a zillion commercials, but there are ads, and I am so with you guys! (um, yes, I know the WGA does not read my blog, but you just never know).)

If the weather ever breaks again, and/or Seattle does not get washed away AND we get a break in the weather, I will update, with pictures even, on the status of my knitting-frenzy projects.

Happy Monday!

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Beth @ Felt Like Knitting said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!