Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We're Floating In Space...

This post brought to you by the letter X and the number 12,000,000.

As in, that's how many little pieces of paper I have to enter, pay, and then file before we close the month...

Is it telling that my iPod battery died during the lyric:
"Do you realize that everyone you know, someday, will die..." (The Postal Service)

Or that last night at 6:30 PM everyone with the word "Associate" or below in their working titles was still working away as hard as if it was still 3PM as the lyric "Never comprehending the race had long gone by..." from "I'll Stop the World & Melt With You" (Modern English) was blasting away in my ears (as I, in vain) pretended that it was 3PM as well.

I am very grateful that I can sit and listen to my music (via ear buds of course) as I wade through the sea of paper before me, but I really need to change the play list. My songs are sad and morbid for working late into the night or being here far too early in the morning (yey overtime).

So the big downside to all this extra work time?

I have not even started with the xmas shopping...I am so dropping the ball here....hello malls that open until far too late into the night...cuz yep, that'll probably be me, maybe even tonight, scurrying around trying in vane to find a short-sleeved woman's polo-style shirt (with the three buttons, mija) in a petite.



Ahem, okay, back to work...


Bezzie said...

Ha ha, I realized my playlists border on the morbid too. I quite enjoy that Postal Service CD...hee hee!

Laura123 said... know there are places you can go to for a new ipod battery if your 'pod keep dying on your at inconvenient moments!

-meow from laura

Beth @ Felt Like Knitting said...

Internet shopping may be the way to go. I bought a lot of my stuff that way this year and it was much easier than trying to get to the store. Lands' End has polo shirts.