Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To Good Friends and Bad Xmas Specials...


It is Wednesday, I am still here. There's still left-over posole AND tamales AND egg nog cake (right L?) in the fridge and wow, I honestly didn't expect any good comments or emails after my last post.

I had no idea I was voicing the frustrations of strangers galore, thank you for the acknowledgments and the reinforcement. Hear that Universe? I am not alone!

I feel a wee bit odd to be one of the only people out there who can blast it all out in the open instead of bottling it all up. I blame it on the holidays, you really can cut the stress with a knife in some places...take the grocery store last Thursday... I think if more people were able to vent and not be afraid of the consequences? (Cuz really, I'd rather face the consequences than go on blood pressure medication any day.) We'd probably have fewer naked people getting killed on I-5 when they start hitting cars with their belts and attacking state troopers. I can't make this stuff up, really.

But take heart, we're in the home stretch. What?!? Right. most of you are done, hurray! I call it all over with come the morning of January 6th when I will much on "Three Kings" cake and hazzah, all go bye bye until next season.

So did you all catch "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land?" Apparently I'd blocked that atrocity out of my conscious thoughts, quite happily, mind, for all these years! This was created in the era of "bringing to life" video game characters, I get, this, but Pac Man and familia? And the threat of being "chomped?" Pac Man eats everything, I got that, I mean, that's the point of the game, but the whole ghosts threatening to "chomp" you? I don't remember the ghosts eating anyone, I kinda thought they sucked your pac-energy or something, but no, they chomp and leave you a crumbled mess, ewww.

And speaking of ingredients for nightmares, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was brimming with them. Not the obvious ones: Abominable, ice flows, getting beat up by punk reindeer. I'm taking about evil Hermey the Elf/wanna be dentist. Talk about the foundation for the Little Shop of Horrors! HE PULLS OUT ALL OF ABOMINABLE's TEETH! Or how about the "Island of Unwanted Toys?" How easy it would be to threaten young children with sending them to the "Island of Unwanted Kids" if they won't let you watch the show! Not that I did. The only ones under the age of 30 at J & L's would be their kitties, who are warm and sit on your feet, aaaahhhh. I need me a foot warmer.

Okay, time for work and stuff. I'm hoping everyone took today off, that would be a wonderful xmas gift for me.

Happy Wednesday!


Beth said...

Christmas can be extremely stressful for people. I'm trying to figure out what I can do next year to make things different. (I can't even really explain what I want to be different, but I'd like something to change.) I hope work went well for you today.

more cowbell said...

I need to start my shopping WAY earlier.

Oh, and I love Rudolph. Except that his Dad is a sexist jerk.

Jack said...

It was eggnog cake, you are right. We loved having you guys over. It was excellent... and wiiTastic! =)