Friday, May 04, 2007


Bon Giorno!
- Okay, so I do not know where the apostrophe is on this keyboard; I have not gone all formal on you all, more like I am making the best of it.
- Not all of the keys have anything marked on them.  If they are not traditional letters, I am making due.
Okay, so, day 6, 7?  What day is it anyway? Saturday? Friday?
To say we have been moving non-stop since the tour began would be an understatement.  I do not work this fast.  I am exhausted but happy.  This is more work than work...and the trip is only one third over....or something.
I am writing to you all from Taormina...if that is spelled wrong, sorry, I am working on very little sleep and 1/4th a liter of wine from dinner.  I dunno if I mentioned that I drinking has not been my "thing" lately.  When in Rome...or um Sicily at any rate.
I kinda feel like I am doing something naughty by being on the Internet.  MJ is not a "interwebs" kinda girl.  She kinda scoffs at it all.  She is also much older and did not grow up with it the way I did, so I do not blame her.  As she is doing her laundry, however, I feel I can ditch out for 15 minutes to get caught up at least with you all.
I have taken 346 pictures according to the camera which belongs to Andy (who said apostrophes were not useful!).  I need to go through and cull some...but not the Greek ruins...yes, in Sicily.  ALL OVER Sicily.  Tomorrow I get to see yet another...
My feet hurt.
I am not complaining, honest, just stating a fact.

More as time permits.


Bezzie said...

You're gonna need a vacation vacation when you get back ;-) Glad to hear you're having fun!

Beth said...

I'm so glad you're having fun! Thanks for the update.