Thursday, May 31, 2007

Liking the Lull

So what kind of work day works best for you?
I'm trying to figure this out right now.
Obviously right now I am having a lull.  It's that time just before lunch when things slow to a crawl and people don't really want to start anything new because, well, HELLO, it's almost lunchtime!  15 minutes prior to this, of course, I was racing against time to answer 5 different emails and be in 3 different places at once and was so busy I didn't get my morning break which is why, hi!  I'm taking it just before lunch!  Aaauuuummm.
I keep thinking that as crazy as things get around here, anything (ANYTHING) is better than having NOTHING to do and not being "allowed" to go anywhere and/or "do" anything that would seem out of place for the front desk...yep still a bit miffed about playing receptionist for so very long and wasting so much time and energy at a place that was sucking my will to live (ah 20/20 hindsight again), I guess I'm still better off with "crazy busy" than with "twiddle my thumbs and toes" and "look professional" while trying to stay awake.  It must be part of some deep set "Calvinistic" work ethic I keep trying to shake off, or something.
Having something to do all day at a constant pace might be nice too, though.  Maybe some day I'll get an assignment that runs in that direction?  Lately I've been called in to umm, would it be called a "pinch hit"?  Basically there is too much to be done and not enough people around to do it with a deadline looming, or people leaving, or a business ending, or, well, you name it.  So I come in and hit the ground running.  I never knew how good I was at that before I started temping.
The things you learn.

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Bezzie said...

Oof. I don't know how you temps do it.