Friday, May 25, 2007

All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Run Over...

Maybe "bowled over" is a better phrase.
Not quite overwhelmed, yet.
My sleep schedule is now back to PST and I've even started a new temp gig (that I actually kinda like after day 2...we shall see). So what's wrong? My sinuses are playing catch up. I missed out on the first round of pollen around here didn't I? Well, rest assured, it found me. That yellow awful sticky stuff was all over my car...and apparently in the vents. I turned them on yesterday morning for a full face blast and spent the rest of the day snifflie and FEELING my sinuses actually SWELL to unusual sizes.

Lovely pictures I paint, no?

So this morning I feel like how the above juggler from Palermo might when his act goes longer than the light. Italian drivers are not exactly known for their patience. Sicilians? Well, anyone from the island can chirp up if you like, but the autobahn experts have nothing on you, seriously.


Bezzie said...

I just put two and two together! NJ has the highest population of Italians and Italian americans in the country. They are the most impatient drivers I have ever encountered in my licensure in four states. Maybe this is some kind of trait that doesn't disappear after they leave the homeland? Maybe that sounds biased of me, but I'm really trying to figure out why people here are so damn impatient behind the wheel.
Hope you feel better or at least your sinuses reduce to a human proportion ;-)

Beth said...

That's great that you like your new job so far. Not so great about the sinus problem. I hope it improves soon!